Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Monday

Here's what we've been eating for the past week...

My Meals:

This was tasty, but not figure friendly at all! I ended up using way more cream cheese than the recipe called for (oops!), but it still ended up being tasty. I'd recommend this, but I'd also suggest a salad with it. You'll want something green to go with all the cheese and bacon.

This meal can do no wrong.

Seafood Gumbo with ciabatta rolls

This recipe was my first experience with making a roux. It was one of those meals where all the steps moved fast and it's important to have everything prechopped and measured so you can just dump it in the pot when it's time. As long as you're prepared, it pretty simple. And it was DELICIOUS! I'll be trying this one again. We left out okra because our grocery store seemed to have none (frozen or fresh). I'll look again in the summer.

J's Meals:
J left out the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. This was our second time around with this soup, and the first time it was SPICY! Leaving the peppers out helped greatly. He doubled the green chilies in place of the peppers he left out.
Also...sorry for the crappy cell phone pic! The soup really wasn't pink.

Slow Cooked Ginger and Hoison Pork Wraps with Peanut Slaw

This was another repeat recipe...and it was just as good second time around as it was a few months ago. The pork in this recipe is incredible.


  1. I love the new format of your menu monday's!

  2. I also love your new format and might just have to pull a big ol' Copycat Move on you...I'm finding it kind of obnoxious to write out what we're having this week... and then go back and recap last week. So repetitive.

    Also! The pork looks fantastic! And I have a lonely bottle of hoisin sauce just chilling in my fridge waiting to be used. Question: do you make the whole recipe (all 6 lbs)? The last time I tried a slowcooker recipe with pork shoulder, I didn't trim the fat... that was disastrous.

  3. Corn chowder looks delish! Too bad J doesn't like corn :( Him and his dang anti-veggie taste buds!

  4. Mmmm...can't wait to try these recipes! I just awarded you with the "Stylish Blogger" Award. Come play along. Still new to the blog world but trying to figure it out!

  5. The bacon parmesan pasta looks so good but like you said not figure friendly :) I'll have to make it anyways! :)

  6. Love the new format. I'm giving you and Kate props. Since y'all have started Menu Monday, I've been cooking way more often and loving it! It's not always good, but.. I'm trying! I really want to try that seafood gumbo and the risotto. Might have to add those in in the future!

  7. That Bacon and Parmesan Pasta and the Tomato and Sausage Risotto look amazing! I am going to totally have to try out those recipes! Love how you are sharing your menu from last week, and showing pics of how they turned out!

  8. My mom made that pasta a few weeks ago and it was amazing! Love some Tasty Kitchen!

  9. I love you, but it's soooooooo bad to read your Menu Monday posts at 10pm at night. ;)

  10. Ummm can my hubby and I just move in with you two?? We will do the dishes!!