Sunday, January 2, 2011

Musical Motivation

Back in November I posted about a work out incentive program at my YMCA. If you worked out 3 times a week for 6 weeks (early November 'til December 20), you got a free shirt.

For awhile there I didn't think I'd get my shirt. I made all the trips to the gym. I actually met my goal! But the week before Thanksgiving was a short one for me and I made one of my 3 visits on that Sunday, because in my mind, the week starts on Sunday! Turns out, the Y didn't think that way, their week started on Monday, so my Sunday trip counted for the prior week. When I first realized this I was crushed. Would this mean I wouldn't get my free t-shirt?

No worries, folks! I talked to the nice people at the desk, explained what happened and we just changed the date of my workout in the system. And here I am with my new shirt...excuse my confused facial expression...

I feel really good for accomplishing this goal. REALLY good. Did I lose weight? NO. But did I maintain my weight during the very gluttonous holiday season? YES. I didn't put on any weight during Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas, and I call that a success considering how much junk I've had to eat over the past 2 months.

Due to the success of this motivator for me (because working out and losing weight is really all a big mental game), I am doing another 6 week program in hopes to shed a few pounds, but this time it's not sponsored by the Y, instead my dear husband is going to sponsor it for me. There's a musical I'm dying to go see in our town in late February, and he's agreed to buy me a ticket if I succeed. This morning I set up a spreadsheet and plan to start today. It's no sticker chart in the hall for the world to see like the Y had, but it's still something to work toward. My husband is sweet enough to realize that this works for me, and he's playing along to help. What a guy!

Also, if you're looking for some motivation to work out this year, visit this blog. Cathy is a well known scrapbooker, and I read her blog occasionally because I'm a crafty nerd like that, but this post is really motivating. She has some great and simple tips, a solid goal, and even some free digital journal pieces if you want to log your weight loss.


  1. I would totally work out for a t-shirt. I would have been upset for you if you didn't get that!

    Way to go at the gym today. Now help keep me accountable!!

  2. Congratulations!

    I pretty much want to make a t-shirt for every small thing I do, so this program would have totally worked for me too!

    I've quite my way-too-pricey gym since it's no longer convenient to our new house and joining the Y across the street this week - I'm excited to get back in the gym!

    Now... what musical are you working towards?

  3. Thanks for the inspiring post! I am going to use the journal idea.

  4. Congrats girl!! That's something to be proud of!

    I usually do a 2 months gym rat, 2 month lazy bones kind of schedule so we'll see if I can use you as another source of motivation. :)

  5. Congrats on meeting your goal! The holidays are a hard time to get motivated, so it's great you were able to keep to your goal during that time. Good luck this time also. I am sure you will do great!

  6. Yay! So, since I've been paying for a Y membership and haven't stepped foot in one for the last three months, I'm thinking we should start a weekly Y date ;)