Friday, February 18, 2011

Fictonal Friday: Part 3

When I started my Fiction Friday series a few weeks ago, I'm sure a few of you saw this post coming. Was there any doubt in anyone's mind on whether or not I'd post about my favorite drama on TV these days?

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is, hands down, the best show on TV right now. I love a lot of the other shows out there at the moment (Dexter is a VERY close 2nd for me), but nothing trumps my love for FNL. Nothing. You can see my pride here.

I am so glad my mom told me to start watching this show back in the fall of '06. It is the little show that could, and is about to finish strong with it's fifth season here in a few weeks (APRIL 15!). I know a lot of you have started watching it after it's gotten some hype in the blog world, but if you haven't just give it a shot before the season 5 premier. I know the first 3 seasons are available to watch instantly on Netflix.

It's hard to pick just one thing I love about this fictional show. I love the people, the town, the school....I just want to be a part of it all.

Where do I even begin?

Matt and Julie. "I Think We Should Have Sex" is probably my all time favorite episode of the series. I just can't help but love these two together.

Tim Riggins...anyone who watches this show will have a crazy crush on him. It's impossible to not love him and his bad boy persona.

I miss the days of Smash. I loved him and his momma. He was arrogant and had a big head, but I think his character grew leaps and bounds on his 2 seasons on the show.

I love Matt's grandma. Love, love, love her and her relationship with Matthew.

I was always a Tyra Collette fan. And while I didn't love the dead body drama of season 2, I definitely loved her and Landry together. Landry in general always makes me laugh and I loved that Tyra fell for him despite their major differences.

And you know this was coming...Tami Taylor! When I have babies one day and I'm a mom, I want to be her. She is my all time favorite TV mom.

And I saved my very favorite aspect of the show for last. Coach and Mrs. Coach. Oh how I love these two and their rock solid marriage. What a team. I wish more shows portrayed marriage the way FNL does. Their marriage is clearly a lot of work. It's not a breeze. They don't make it look easy, but it's evident how in love these two are.

So...chime in.
Any FNL characters you love that I left out? I left Lyla out on purpose. She's the one thing I've always disliked about the show.

What's your favorite episode?
Share your thoughts.
Are you a fan?
Do you want to be a part of Dillon as badly as I do?

I know Megan and Sarah definitely feel the way I do! Anyone else as crazy as we are?

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  1. Dan and I started watching FNL over Christmas and we got caught up in literally 3 weeks time. My favorite character is Tami, and I totally agree with you, I love how the show portrays her marriage with coach. Julie kind of drives me crazy. I was really sad when they cut Tyra out of the show. Landry is one of my favorite (did you know that other then coach and tami, he has the most appearances on the show?)

    Great FF!!!!!

  2. We LOVE this show! Can't wait until it comes back on...I'm definitely a fan of Coach & Mrs. Coach!

  3. Favorite show of all time. I started watching in Season 1 before it went to DirecTV and am anxiously awaiting the last season to start on regular tv :(

    I love Tami & Coach together. Julie really annoys me for some reason...not sure why! Favorite charater is obviously Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins) though. The bad boy with the awesome hair. When they were first going to cancel the show (before it got saved by DirecTV) I actually participated in a "Save Tim Riggins" campaign. Embarrassing, but true. :)

    Also - look for Tyra this fall as Wonder Woman in a new show on tv.

  4. I'm obsessed! You and Megan got me to start watching the show. I'm finished with the first 3 seasons and need to find the 4th. I loved reading all your favorite things about it!

  5. Okay I am going to have start watching on Netflix. This show sounds so good!!

  6. Oh I'm obsessed with this show! I can't stand Lyla either... her voice is so annoying. I'm on season 4 and just love every minute. I want to be Tami Taylor when I grow up!

  7. Ah FNL, I'm so obsessed. It really is the best (and I agree with you on Dexter being second!) I think I have cried at some point during every single episode. I seriously want to be Tami Taylor (maybe it has something to do with the fact that my husband is a football coach ha)she's the best wife and mom. Oh, and Tim Riggins-I heart you. I could go on and on!

  8. Tim Riggins is my boyfriend. The end.

  9. I don't even like high school football, but your love for this show makes me want to watch it too :)

  10. I love this show so much. I went to college in Austin and got to be an extra on the show once. I also saw a few members of the cast around town... Most notably, I saw Taylor Kitsch at a Darque Tan really early one morning. Haha!

    My favorite aspect of the show is how accurately it portrays "Small Town" Texas and the obsession we all have with HS football.

  11. Ok, don't hate me but I have never watched this show. I've heard nothing but good things about it for years and still haven't got to watching it. I really like Kyle Chandler though so I think I might have to get season 1 on dvd and start catching up.

  12. I definitely have a major addiction! Sadly, I do not have cable and have only made it to part of Season 4! However, I still absolutely love it and will miss it like crazy. Target has the first two seasons in a set for $20!

    I happen to think that I wouldn't mind being Tami Taylor. She's wonderful and her husband is pretty much the best man alive. I have a wonderful little crush on Matty Saracen. And while Tim Riggens is a "bad boy" he does have a heart.

    There's nothing to not really love about this show except for the sometimes outlandish writing and the missing characters from the first few seasons. Oh how it makes me happy. Good choice!

  13. My son's lovey is named Tim Riggins. We watched tons of tv when he was a newborn and would sleep all the time, and FNL was one show we watched.

    We picked the name largely because we wanted something that was easy to pronounce. But I also love that character.

  14. LOVE me some Tim Riggins. Mmmm mmm. Also love Mr. and Mrs. Coach. I want to be them - and I also find him super cute, just in a different, less-bad-boy way than Tim Riggins.

  15. This was probably my favorite television show. I loved some Dawson's Creek in high school, but I can't get enough of Dillon and those Taylors! Texas forever!

  16. This is my all time favorite show! I have already seen this last season and all of you will not be disappointed in how it ends!

  17. I've never watched Friday Night Lights, which is pretty unbelieveable given how much TV I watch! I usually pick a show to watch multiple seasons of throughout the summer, and I think it just might have to be FNL this year!

  18. I've never seen an episode, but after you blogged about it awhile back, I added it to my Netflix que. I can't wait to get started on it!

  19. Love, love, LOVE FNL!! I totally agree it's the best thing on TV. (And, along with Mad Men, it's one of the only shows my husband and I can agree on.) We live in Austin and love spotting FNL locales around town. We've also seen a bunch of the actors on numerous occasions-- including Connie Britton 3 times!

  20. My fiance convinced me to start watching FNL, and we burned through the first few seasons quickly. It is by FAR my favorite show on TV and one of my only "can't miss" show. The plotlines and character development are always interesting, and how can you NOT like Tami Taylor?! Seriously, we need to have FNL weekly discussions when it comes back on!

  21. Is it weird that I started tearing up reading this post? Because I totally did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friday Night Lights. In fact I don't think my love for this show can be explained. I love every character (minus, Lyla, I agree with you there) and especially love Tami and Coach. Best show ever!!!!!