Friday, February 25, 2011

Fictonal Friday: Part 4

Way back in the day (2000-2004) there was a little show on NBC called Ed.

This little show was about Ed Stevens, a big time lawyer from NYC who moved home to his hometown, Stuckeyville (which is where I want to live when I grow up, BTDUBS!), after his wife cheats on him, to reunite with his friends and to chase down that popular girl he always loved in high school, Carol Vessey. This show made it 4 seasons on NBC, and those four seasons may just be my favorite four seasons of tv. Hard to believe after all my raving about FNL last week, but I have to admit...I will never give up my love for Ed.

I watched Ed with my mom through out high school, and when I went to college in 2002, my roommates quickly learned that this show was a top priority for me. I didn't let anything get between me in this show. When it met it's untimely ending in 2004, there were many tears shed, and I still think about how wonderful this show is now, 7 years after it has ended.

This show just tears at my heart. I loooooooved every bit of it. The writing, the stories, the characters....why oh WHY did it go away?

It had an unbelievable cast, many who have gone on to do amazing things...

Julie Bowen (now Claire Dunphy on Modern Family) was the beloved Carol Vessey

Justin Long (the Mac guy today) was the dorky Warren Cheswick

And Ginnifer Goodwin who is all over the place these days was Carol's high school student, Diane

And then there was Dennis played by John Slattery...the awful, mean Dennis....

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "I've never heard of this show," or "Really a show about bowling alley lawyer?" or maybe even, "Rachel needs to get a grip and stop falling in love with tv characters..." and you may be right. BUT, you guys, this show was fantastic. But are you ready for the sad news? The really, awful, very depressing news that makes me tear up when I think about it???

This show will likely never make it to DVD.

Go ahead and shed a tear for me.

I can never rewatch this show, episode after glorious episode, UNLESS one of two things happen.
#1 - Reruns. Briefly in 05 or 06 (can't really remember), TBS played reruns of Ed during the day. I still kick myself for not recording them on my old VHS tapes. I hope all the time that some channel would run reruns just for me.
#2 - The biggest reason I'll probably never see Ed again has to do with music rights. This fabulous show used a lot of fabulous music, but at the time, NBC didn't pay for the rights of the music, and because of this, they don't have the right to put it out on a DVD. Now I've gathered that this happens with a lot of shows, but because most shows have a big enough following, the DVD companies and TV channel pay for those rights because they know they'll make back the money in DVD sales. Not the case with Ed (cue my tears). From everything I've read, it sounds like NBC knows it's not worth the money to buy the rights for the music. I look into Ed DVD's about every 6 months, and sadly, I have come to learn that things aren't changing.

ANYWAYS...long story short, Ed will live on in my memory, but not in my DVD player.
And that is dreadfully sad.

I leave you all with my very favorite Ed moment from season 4...his proposal. Quite possibly the sweetest proposal of all time.
This can only be topped with waffle throwing and dressing up in a knight suit from season 1.

Siiiiigh. Any other Ed fans who exist out there? Or am I all alone over here?

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  1. I am a HUGE Ed fan and it breaks my heart that the episodes aren't on dvd! Love that proposal, the waffle scene and pretty much every moment with Ed and Carol. My sister and I used to watch every Wednesday night. I even have an Ed coffee cup in my kitchen that she gave me for Christmas once :)

    Thanks for the proposal clip to start off my morning. Glad to have found another fan :)

  2. I watched Ed with my mom in high school too :) such a great show!

  3. I love Ed! I loved that he was quirky and I loved Carol Vessey for her hair and clothing - totally lame but it's true.

  4. Words cannot describe my love for Ed. Oh, and I can totally relate to your bad habits from last post. I am waiting for my toe nails to reach a "reasonable length" before getting a pedicure for spring. Sigh. Back to Ed, you just broke my heart with the whole never make it to DVD remark. I could cry.

  5. This was one of my favorites! We loved Ed!

  6. I loved Ed! I used to watch it with my Dad in middle school. We used to love all the $10 bets between Ed and Mike, and of course, Ed and Carol. I hope you keep doing the fictional fridays, its a great way to remember some of my favorite shows.

  7. You are so funny!! I am absolutely LOVING this new weekely series of yours!

  8. Aww, I LOVED Ed! I always look for it on DVD too. That's so sad that it will probably never make it! Ginnifer Goodwin looks so different now and I'm always glad to see how successful she is! It must have been sooo annoying to watch He's Just Not That Into You with me, because the entire time I was like "warrenanddiane gahhhh!" Great post!

  9. I never watched Ed but you make it sound wonderful!! I love your love for various TV shows! :-)

  10. OMG, I LOVED Ed so much!! I used to watch it with my dad. I loved Ed so much, and I'm always sad that Ed himself didn't go on to do other shows. I love Julie Bowen because of this show.

    Loved Ed so much!!

  11. Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved Ed! So sad that it never came to DVD, what a bummer.

  12. Can't believe you left out Michael Ian Black, playing the great character Phil. That was a great show.

  13. I totally forgot about that show, but yea I totally loved it! I didn't realize it has been off the air for so long.

  14. I never watched the show but wish I could, based on your review alone!

    Some shows I'm a fan of (Skins (UK)and, ahem, Laguna Beach) actually released DVD versions with different songs because they weren't willing to pay for the rights either. In some scenes, it's not a big deal. But in others, you remember the scene as you were watching it, and the song that was playing, and it just isn't as good without the original music.

  15. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Ed!!! I remember watching it with my family and then calling my boyfriend (after he watched it with his family) and talking about it. I was in love with Julie Bowen on it, too!!

  16. I saw a few episodes of this when they use to repeat it on tbs. I wonder if it's on dvd?!?

  17. I only watched a few episodes, but I definitely would watch it all if it was out on dvd or on tv again.

  18. You always make me laugh with your confessions. N wonder you make an awesome elementary teacher!!

    So, why doesnt still show full episodes of FNL? I, too, loved the show - was actually surprised to see it rated so well for family friendliness?! Anyways, inherent seen it since NBC jacked with is normal airing time...Netflix is it, huh?

  19. So the typos are from typing on an iPad. While the kids are swimming. Mother of the year, eh? I meant to say 'i haven't" seen it...not "inherent" seen it? What would that even mean? Proud. So proud.

  20. Totally love Ed!! One of my all time favorites. Breaks my heart that it's not on dvd.

  21. I loved Ed so much! I long for dvd some day .... just as I do for The Wonder Years. Oh it would make me happy. I used to think his buddy was good-looking, but now I see it's all Tom Cavanaugh. I do have a crush on him despite the fact that he's 40.
    Who knew we dressed like that ten years ago! Wow.