Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Oscar Picks...

Today is Oscar day! My favorite red carpet event of the year. I certainly loved Kate and Erin's post on the big event, and wanted to throw in my two cents. I am by no means a film critic, just a lover of a good movie.

I have managed to see nine out of the ten best picture nominees for this year...two of which we squeezed in this weekend. I never made it around to seeing Black Swan, but it's still on my list. I can't remember a time when I haven't had a girl crush on Natalie Portman, and I'm a little ashamed I haven't seen her in this film.

I would love to share my thoughts on each movie, but really, just visit Kate's blog and you'll find some fabulous commentary. Instead, here are my picks for the big awards. This isn't who I think will win, but it's who I enjoyed the most:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Melissa Leo in The Fighter

Best Actress in a Leading Role: I really don't think I can fairly choose. Of the five roles nominated, I only saw two, Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone and Annette Bening in The Kids Are Alright. If I had to pick between the two, I'd definitely give it to Jennifer Lawrence. I hope to see her in more movies.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: I was just telling J that this is probably the toughest category. All these men really impressed me. But in the end, I'd give it to Christian Bale in The Fighter. Before last night I would have said Geoffrey Rush, but Christian Bale played Dicky Ecklund so well. He has to be my choice.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: This one is tough. It would be a close tie for James Franco and Colin Firth. Both men wooed me in their very diverse roles. Firth was just fabulous as King George VI, no other way of saying it. But then Franco just shocked me in his performance. I didn't know he had it in him. If you reeeeeaaaaaally made me choose, I think I'd pick Firth. But my love for James Franco still runs strong!

Directing: I wish I could pick Danny Boyle for 127 Hours. I loved the way this movie was done. But since he's not a choice, we'll go with Tom Hooper for The King's Speech.

and last but not least...

Best Picture: 127 Hours. I really think The King's Speech will win (which I truly loved), but of the ten movies nominated and the nine that I saw, 127 Hours was my definite favorite. True Grit, The Fighter, and Winter's Bone were all wonderful as well, but something about 127 Hours has been stuck in my head since I saw it a few weeks ago. I just loved it.

Who are your picks?
I'd love to hear who impressed you at the theater this year. Please share!

Oh yes! I almost forgot to share. Visit this site for some more fun commentary and alternate titles for ten movies nominated for best picture. I think "Don't Make Meth or Be Poor" is my favorite!


  1. Well, the only one I saw was True Grit..what can i say? With three kids, we don't get out much! But I really want to see 127 hours as well - maybe when it comes to RedBox ;)

  2. I cannot wait for the Oscars, waiting for them to start!!

  3. OK, I loved that alternative movie posters website! :)

  4. I actually saw Colin Firth and a ton of other celebs the night before the Oscars, so that was really cool.