Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Serious Questions's a random post below!

Some things I'm curious about and need some help with...

1. How do you remove odor from a wooden cutting board? One of my cutting boards wreaks from onions and garlic. Any advice?

2. Do you own a steam mop? If so, do you love it? Hate it? Is it that much better than regular mopping? I want one, J thinks it'll be a waste of money. Thoughts?

3. Dog owners: How do you keep the "dog smell" out of your house?

4. How do you clean your jewelry/wedding rings? Do you do it at home or have it done professionally?

And while I wish I had a 5th questions for you (because 5 is a better number than 4), we're going to stop at 4. Answer away!


  1. 1. Lemon, vinegar, sunlight. I leave my wooden cutting board where it gets sunlight from the window... it's crazy but they say sunlight can "bleach" fabric and I swear it helps a bit on cutting boards. Plus lemon and vinegar. I got nothing else.

    2. No steam mop. The only mopping that ever really works for me is hands and knees with a bucket. Gross but worth it.

    3. Not a dog owner. But lots of people swear by Wallflowers from B&BW. Ha, I'm the expert.

    4. Clean jewelry? Well, I only have 1 nice piece but I honestly use a tiny bit of dish soap and a baby toothbrush to clean it. I know, that's probably a cardinal sin, right?

    5. Have a great night. (Love 5. So... round.)

  2. For the cutting board we dilute white vinegar and wash it with that and sometimes lemon juice.

    And as far as my rings go. I wash with regular soap and a toothbrush. =)

  3. Annnd that was me, I didn't realize we were logged on to Brad's google account! ha!

  4. I just got a Shark steam mop for Christmas. It vacuums and then steam mops. I have only used it once, but it seemed to work well. The corners were still a bit hard to get. My sister has had hers longer and loves hers! It probably just depends on how many tile/hardwood floors you have in your house for if it is worth it or not.

  5. My pup doesn't smell .... I got really lucky. She gets a bath quarterly, hahah!

  6. 1. Rub the board with half of a lemon.

    2. Love my steam mop!I still use a regular mop on the kitchen floor sometimes but I only steam mop on the wood floor!

    4. I get my rings cleaned at the jewelry store at the mall. We go to the mall about once a week and once or twice a month I will have them clean it and check the diamonds to make sure they are still secure. It's free and it only takes about 5 minutes!

  7. I'm dying for a steam mop, so I'll keep you posted as we comparison shop.

    I get my rings cleaned from time to time by our jewelers; they also check the prongs. In between, I use liquid Ivory dish soap (their recommendation besides a sonic cleaning thing) and a toothbrush. I let it soak in Ivory & water for hours, then it's pretty sparkly on its own.

  8. 2. I own the Shark Vac then Steam. It's pretty amazing. We have a black lab and a yorkie. The black lab sheds so it is amazing on the dog hair. The steaming part works really well, but I also just got it this past weekend for a shower!

    3. We use Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh. You just sprinkle it on your carpet, let it set for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up. The dog smell (and hair) is a constant, constant battle for us. This is the best way to combat it! :)

    4. I do it at the jewelry store because I am so scared about doing something to damage it. (I've been engaged for about 7 months so that might be part of it!!) I've heard toothpaste works well though?

  9. (1) Soak in hot water, then rub with lemon, and allow it to dry on your porch in direct sunlight.

    (2) No steam mop :( Just a Swiffer Wet Jet which doesn't work. I usually resort to paper towels + 409 + hands and knees scrubbing.

    (3) The Boom does not smell like a dog. I've never seen (smelled) anything like it. It is totally weird. But! I've heard great things about those carpet powders that you shake onto the carpet and then vacuum up!

    (4) I take my rings to the jeweler where we purchased my e-ring (even though my wedding band and sapphire ring are from different places... the e-ring place is awesome and so nice!). Or sometimes to Mojito Maven's b/c she has a steamer :)

  10. i clean my ring with dish soap and a toothbrush. i put it in a cup with a little bit of soap and let it soak while i wash dishes. when the dishes are done, i scrub it with the toothbrush. works like a charm. every few months (or whenever i remember) i take it to a jewelry counter to be steam cleaned.

  11. 4. I take my ring in to the jewelers every 6 months. The rest of the time I soak it in equal parts water and simple green, which the jeweler said does just as good of a job!

  12. 1. Lemon? :)

    2. Nope, but I'd like one so let me know what you find.

    3. Baking soda/ borax on the carpets

    4. I take them to Long to get cleaned and since they are platinum have sent them off twice to get cleaned. I forget what they call it - but it's like $30 and makes them look brand new!

  13. For smells , putt some sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda in Usa I guessà few minutes and remove it : smells disappears ! the sam ewith some vinegar cleans your jewelry too ( add a spoon of white vinegar , 1 bicarbonate in a boiling water bowl)

  14. I don't personally have a steam mop, but everyone I know who does loves it!

    If my dog has accidents I clean my carpet with bleach and then steam clean it. Yes, black in a spray bottle. It doesn't strip the color of my carpet.

    To clean my rings I use toothbrush and toothpaste. Nothing too exciting!

    I hope you have a nice week!

  15. 1. I just wash mine with dish soap and leave by the kitchen window to dry out.

    2.My mom has a steam mop and loves it. Actually my retired dad who mops loves it haha.

    3. Febreeze

    4. soak in hot water and dish soap then scrub with a tooth brush.

  16. 1. I know that many people have already said this, but I know lemon helps for garlic scents.

    2. I have no idea what steam mops are, but they sound fantastic!

    3. We use the Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh - you put it on your carpet and vacuum it up. Don't put it on wet carpets - it will stain. We also replaced our rug after 4 months w/ a puppy (it was only ~$40 and we replaced it w/ another $50 on sale at Target). We have Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator which is good for couches/dog beds. I have the B&BW Wallflowers - they're okay, but they really just mask the scent instead of clearing it up. I have been wanting to try the pet odor eliminator candles either from febreze or our local pet shop, but I haven't yet.

    4. I have a silver cleaning solution... it's not the best, but it's good for those silver pieces that tarnish easily. I dip them in there, let them dry, and then polish them with a cloth. I haven't ever had my engagement ring cleaned, tho.

    Love the questions!!!!

  17. #2 - Yes, I've got a Shark - I LOVE IT! My friends and I were talking about this recently and they told me they use theirs to clean their granite countertops too! I had never thought of that but I'm going to try it!

  18. For question 4, I usually have my wedding rings cleaned at the jewelry store. I do have an ultra-sonic cleaner at home but I never seem to use it.

  19. Mix one part windex and 2 parts water and clean rings with a toothbrush

  20. 1. I use plastic cutting boards. We had a wooden one (they're way prettier) but I liked something I could put in the dishwasher.

    2. I do. I love it. I like that its very green and gets my floors clean and pretty without any product. Just water.

    3. I have a spot bot. I get the carpets professionally cleaned every 4-6 months. I use B&BW Wallflowers in EVERY room. And candles.

    4. Professionally. I just take it all to the store I bought it from (its all pretty much from the same place) and they clean it for me. Even if a couple pieces are from somewhere else, they are nice enough to take care of it for me.

  21. 1. I have no clue. We don't use wooden cutting boards. I use a separate cutting board for whatever I'm chopping - red for meat, blue for fish, green for veggies, yellow for chicken - and they get tossed in the dishwasher.

    2. I have a Shark steam mop. It's the plain jane model. The holding tank doesn't hold much but that's probably because I have a tendency to steam the heck out of my floors. I still scrub my grout by hand. I love my steam mop, though. No more chemicals. I also own a Hoover Floormate and I no longer use it. It was too bulky and a PITA. I have the Shark handheld steamer, too, although I don't use it nearly as often as my steam mop.

    3. I'm not sure if we have pet odor. I asked Adam and he said he can't tell. I'm sure if we had someone walk in they would let us know. We were told that our house has a different smell to it now that we only have carpet in the bedrooms. Carpet certainly traps a lot of gunk & funk. I do use B&BW Wallflowers. I burn candles. I vacuum & mop often. I also Febreze my beds, couches, etc.

    4. This is funny because Lis K. asked me recently how I get my wedding band & engagement ring so clean and shiny. I told her that I've never had my rings cleaned and then proceeded to show her a small dot of paint on my diamond ring. Yep, that's how I roll. ;-)

  22. If you need a good carpet guy, I highly recommend my man, Ricky. ;)

  23. I can't help with anything but the dog smell problem. I have tried everything, and I have to say that the best thing I have found is to (a) spray febreeze on carpets/couches etc. regularly (b) use candles to mask the smell. Candles can be expensive, but I buy these home impression candles at walmart for $3 that are HUGE, the come with 3 wicks, smell really strong, and last a long time. I don't invest in nice candles becase we really do go through them so fast. I burn one for a couple hours everyday when I get home. It makes the house smell nice...and not like dog.

  24. I would love to have an answer with the dog smell question but I can't... report back if you get a good consensus.

    As far as the rings go - I use an at home solution and HOT water on a pretty regular basis. Outside of that it is really important to get your rings cleaned professionally about every 6 months. Keeps the metal clean and let's someone check your prongs. I worked at a jewelery store and we were happy to do this all for you for free. On a day to day scale though - it's important to not put on lotion while you have your rings on and to take them off to sleep. The bacteria that grows under them is not something you want to know about!

  25. GREAT questions! You should do a follow-up post of responses.

    1. Scrub with a mixture of lemons, water, and kosher salt. Air dry. Then seal with mineral oil.

    2. I'm in the market for a Shark vac. Until then, I must resort to my Swiffer wet jet.

    3. No dog (sadly) in our house.

    4. I clean my rings about once a week in a simple soaking solution purchased via the jewelry store. And whenever we're in the town where they were purchased, I have them professionally cleaned.

  26. I love my shark steam mop! It works great and very quick. For jewelry I use a product called Lady Geneva. It is great and can be used on everything.
    Here is the link

  27. 3. I have wall flowers from B&BW in almost every outlet in my house--no lie. I usually go with the warmer smells(like vanilla or nutmeg) and also get some of the grass ones because they are oder eaters. My house does not smell too strong either. I don't even smell it and people that come over tell me it smells good, but nothing overwhelming. I've never had a problem with dog smell. My parents have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they do the same thing.

  28. Our whole house except for 2 of the bedrooms is tile, so once we moved in I insisted on getting a steam vac immediately! We got a Shark Vac then Steam, and we really like it! It isn't perfect, but it's way better than a mop and bucket!

  29. I was just asking my sister how to clean my wooden cutting board today and neither of us had any clue. Thanks to your post I've gotten my answer! :)

  30. 1. No idea - I only have cheapie plastic ones.

    2. Girl, GET YOSELF A STEAM MOP. Not kidding, I have a Shark as of about 2 months ago and it is a life changer. It works so well and it's no more hassle than a wet swiffer. Life-changer. You must have one.

    3. I always buy the stuff in the red jar (I think it's called Connoisseur?) Just from the drugstore - scrub it with a toothbrush and it works just fine.