Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I asked, you answered...Jewelry Cleaning

Last month I did a little poll on the ol' blog about some household chores. I am still in the process of testing out some of the answers I got, but I'd like to do a follow up post about all my questions that you all so helpfully answered.

One of my questions was about your jewelry. I asked...

How do you clean your jewelry/wedding rings? Do you do it at home or have it done professionally?

Overwhelmingly, you all responded saying you clean it yourself. I gathered from many answers that some of you get it cleaned professionally maybe once or twice a year, but overall, you all like to clean your jewelry yourself. I decided to test out one jewelry cleaning method that several of you shared, dish soap! A lot of you said you clean your rings with warm water and dish soap.

I filled one of my prep bowls with some warm water and put my rings in there...

(my 3 everyday rings...engagement ring, wedding band, and college ring)

I put in a small drop of dish soap (yes I buy the store brand!)...

I let my rings soak in the warm water and soap mixture for about half an hour.

And then scrubbed with an old toothbrush. This guy is usually my humidifier cleaner, but turns out that he can multi-task...

And then I scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed. And you know what? After 3 minutes, I had 3 shiny rings. Good as new! I am sure a good trip to the jewelers for a steam and polish is nice, but this did the trick for an easy at home cleaning. Thanks for all of your advice!


  1. I need to try this!! I'm making a mental note to do it tonight :)

  2. Nice tip! My rings haven't been cleaned in a long time, I'm gonna try this today!

  3. My rings are always so dirty! When they need a good scrubbing, I use my hubby's sonic toothbrush (with an old brush head!!). Works every time!

  4. I was a sucker for the stuff they sell you at the kiosks in the mall! Haha! However, it works and lasts a very long time. I haven't had my wedding rings professionally cleaned in years, but I have heard to be very careful never to let them out of your site - they could switch the diamonds. Yikes.

    When my green mall stuff runs out (like in 5 more years!) I'll go the bargain route instead. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  5. This is pretty much how I clean my rings all the time. Sometimes I don't even use the soap and they're just as nice.

  6. Whoah! I might have to try! Mine is at the jewelers getting rhodium plated - I cant wait to see how beautiful she looks when I get her back ;)

  7. Ahh I really need to clean mine!! I have heard windex and warm water, too..