Monday, March 14, 2011

Menuless Monday

There is no Menu Monday today because my camera and SD card are trapped at school because my yearbook deadline is next Monday and I'm feeling a bit like a frazzled person as I try to make finishing touches on my pages.

There is no Menu Monday because poor Rosie (the new dog) has had a stomach bug and she's been throwing up for 24+ hours. It finally stopped this afternoon and she saw our vet. Cleaning up puppy puke has kept me busy.

There is no Menu Monday because today at work I felt like a crappy teacher because I had a crappy attitude. That's got me feeling...well, crappy tonight.

There is no Menu Monday because I'd rather read a few more chapters of Lonesome Dove before I ditch it for a few weeks for the new book club read.

There is no Menu Monday because I have more laundry to put away than I'm embarrassed to admit. And the dishes in my sink won't wash themselves. Oh and all that dog hair on the floor? Yep...I'll be vacuuming too.

Come back tomorrow and
hopefully I'll have my act together enough to do a Menu Tuesday!


  1. Hope things go a little smoother tomorrow! Just found your blog - so cute.

  2. Awh! I know how you feel about the laundry and dishes....blah. Hope work gets better!

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  4. Hope you have a better Tuesday! So sad Rosie is sick :( Hopefully she will be good as new soon. I'm sure she is super thankful to have such wonderful, loving parents!

  5. I hate those days when everything seems to be piling up and all you want to do is relax. I hope your week improves and good luck with the yearbook! At least the end is in sight.

  6. I hope Rosie and you are having a better day today!

  7. two words.


    good luck, girlfriend!