Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on my mind

Some things on my mind right now...

I have a whole house and whole classroom to pack. YIKES.

I need to find a dentist and doctor in Charlotte. I am a picky girl with my dentist and JUST found one I liked here after 4 years. Back to square one.

I'm also thinking about new church searching in Charlotte. Another task that's much harder than it sounds.

I really need to update my resume so I can begin a job search. Ugh.

Finding a house in Charlotte...are you sensing a pattern here?

State tests are NEXT week. Lord help us all.

I feel guilty that I can only walk one day at a time when J is gone and the other one has to stay home.

There's so much I want to fit in here before the move. I'm down to about 7 weeks. Yikes!


  1. Text me if you need any help packing! I'm working that temp job with Pearson again starting next week, but I can help out on the evenings & weekends as much as I can!! :)

  2. I know how you feel. I've got three weeks until my move. YIKES!

  3. Good luck with everything!

    [Especially surviving SOLs. They are called SOL for a reason.]

  4. I live in Greensboro now, but grew up in Charlotte and my mom is still there. I know a lot of people who love the docs at Mecklenburg Medical Group. I used to see Dr. Kalich (OBGYN). Dr Turner was my dentist and he's great and I really like his hygenists too. His practice isn't cosmetic dentistry (they can do the same stuff though), so it's not as high tech, but I appreciate that because they aren't eager to fix a million little things that don't need to be fixed. What type of church are you looking for? We still love our home church (Covenant Presbyterian-they have a great mission focus, and young adult groups including one for young adult women, and a new minister that people really seem to relate to. ) I know lots of other friends are connected other places they really like. If you're looking for a contemporary service-Forest Hills is a really popular church. Good luck!

  5. If I lived closer I would totally help you start packing!! Good luck with finding doctors and a house! Sometimes I wish I could just start all over again some place new...does that sound bad?!

  6. I'm sure it all seems overwhelming and stressful, but think of the fun new city you'll live in! A new adventure for the two of you! It will be great! I'll be thinking of you in the mean time!

  7. I need to get a whole house packed in a week. So not going to happen!!

    I hear you on the church hunt. That has been our biggest dilemna hear for sure.. Still looking.

    I'm so ready for you to be in Charlotte! You'll be so close!!

  8. Ahh, moving is such a stressful time. You're definitely going to have a busy 7 weeks, but try not to stress, it will all get done!

  9. Deep breath! One day at a time! You have every right to be stressed so take some time for YOU - warm bath, exercise, whatever!

  10. I'm super funny about my doctors and dentists too - can I give you a recommendation as a Charlotte girl?

    Try First Dental of Huntersville. One of my best friends is a hygienist there and she's so good - and the dentist is really personable, no-nonsense, and seems really smart. And believe me, I am super duper picky about my dentist.

    And (maybe TMI but I think having a good OB is so important) - I would highly highly recommend Eastover-University OB/GYN. I've been seeing Dr. Dickerson forever and I sometimes see Dr. Bhojwani too. They are awesome, not awkward (important) and great at what they do.

    Hope that helped!! Feel free to email me if you have any CLT questions!

  11. I'm sure everything will come together! Good luck on the job front!