Friday, May 6, 2011

a walk in the woods

With a move to Charlotte just a few weeks away, we're trying to squeeze in all the things we love about Hampton Roads. Last weekend we went to one of favorite parks for a nice 4 mile "hike" through the woods/swamp. Not sure which one of us loved it the most.

Having two dogs makes everything we do twice as much fun.

Living by the beach, we have zero hills. And I have to admit, I'm happy to move to Charlotte so that I will once again have hills in my life, but a 4 mile flat hike isn't all so bad.

The three loves of my life...

It's nice to spend a few hours in the woods just walking and talking. I might even call it therapeutic.

So happy that J comes home today. We've missed him this past week and it'll be nice to have him back home, even if it's for just the weekend!


  1. Beautiful pics!!!!!! :)

  2. aahh - I know exactly where you are talking about and the hubs and I LOVE this place too - so serene and beautiful!! Your pictures are amazing:) Happy Friday!

  3. are you just loving having the two dogs???

  4. Such great pictures!! It looks absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I am definitely going to have to find this place! I don't think I know of it .... or I just haven't been in the right direction. ;)