Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bedding Help!

Thanks to pinterest and our upcoming move, I am totally itching to redo our bedroom. Right now we have very dark brown furniture with a brown quilt on the bed. I have green curtains but that's the only color we've got in there.

In our new home, we can paint the walls whatever color we'd like, and I'm not up for painting the furniture, but I am all about some new bedding. I've found so many pretty duvets that I like, but J hates duvets. Something about the way they get messed up (?) really bugs him. So that meant I had to find comforters and quilts. So...this is where I'd like your opinion! I've found some beautiful choices and I'd like to hear what your choice would be + what color you'd paint the walls with these choices. Some of you are so good with this home decor thing and I'd love any and all advice you have.

Here are my choices:
Choice A

Barcelona Quilt from Garnet Hill
$248 + $38 for each sham

Love the bedding, not loving the price.

(For the next two, I want to point out that I checked both of these out in person and was really impressed with the quality).

Choice B

Target Spring Damask Bedding
$89.99 for bedding and shams
Really like it, but I'm at a huge loss for wall and curtain colors with this.

Choice C

Target Daffodil Maura Bedding
$89.99 for comforter and shams

I really love it. I've been coveting yellow bedding for awhile. Now that's it's time to make the purchase I can't decide. These rooms (here, here, here, and here) have all pushed me to go with yellow.

Choice D

West Elm Hand Blocked Saree Striped Quilt
$99 for quilt and $19 for shams

Another take on yellow...I think this could be jazzed up so much with patterned curtains and some fun pillows.

So there ya have it. I had found a few others I really liked, but decided against them because they were too dark. I want my bedding to be light because our furniture is already so dark. Please feel free to leave any helpful advice or suggestions you may have! I want to hear it!


  1. #1 is really pretty, but like you said, is spendy. Personally, I love yellow so #3 is my favorite! I am not great with paint colors, but what about pale grey, something with a more blue undertone (not a brown/tan undertone)? Have fun decorating your new room!

  2. My vote is for the yellow set from Tar-jay. I love it!

    I got our new bedding from QVC (lol): I bought it in ivory & I love it. Not that I want to throw another choice at you, but I'm definitely happy with this bedding.

    As for paint colors...hmmm...I'm thinking grey or a blue...pale blue.

  3. You KNOW I'm voting for the yellows! I ADORE having yellow on our bed - it makes me so happy when I wake up! Both of these are great choices - I don't think you can go wrong with either as far as print and color is concerned! I will say, we have 2 quilt/comforters from West Elm on our guest bed and I looooove the weight and quality!

  4. Choice C all the way! Beautiful and great price!!!!

  5. I have been in love with that first Garnett Hill quilt set ever since you pinned it last week, and even begged my husband to let me buy it. It's beautiful, but definitely pricey!
    I love both yellow options, and completely agree, you could add a lot to them with lots of fun pillows. We have a West Elm quilt in our guest bedroom and are really happy with it.

    And greyish/blue or beige or tan??
    I love it b/c it looks chic, kinda modern and kinda timeless too.

  7. Oh my gosh, the third choice, hands down! Sooo pretty!

  8. I love choice C! If I could redo our bedroom right now I would want to do a grey and yellow bedroom. I think it's adorable!

  9. I love all of those! Personally, I have been on a quest for a pop of orange for my bedroom so I love the orange & white one. Last year I painted the bedroom a light blue almost slatey grey color & I love it. I think that color would look nice with any of those bedspreads. I wish I could remember the name but I can't :(

  10. I vote C and D. The gray and yellow color combo sounds cute. I also like turqoise with yellow.

  11. I love C- the bright yellow would be so cheery and fun! A is really cute too but I agree with the price concern- I don't like to spend that much b/c then I feel like I could never change it.

  12. I'm no expert but I love choice C and think it would be FAB with gray walls! I can't wait to hear what you decide and see the finished product!

  13. I love C! How fun to redecorate with the move!!

  14. I really like number 1, but that is a LOT of money to spend on bedding. Number 3 would be my second choice.

    Good luck finding the right one!

  15. I love #3! It's fabulous! You could do several things with paint colors...if you still have the dark brown furniture you could even paint your main wall, a medium brown color and then paint the other walls a more neutral color. I'm a big fan of accent walls! Plus it cuts down on the amount of paint you need...if your walls are already a decent color! I also like the gray seems that yellow, gray, & white are really in right now!

  16. Choice B is my favorite, but I like them all. We have a quilt in the winter from Pottery Barn that is probably most similar to the West Elm one you have on here. The dogs nails scratch it VERY easily and its pretty hard to repair a stitched quilt... I'm pretty sure you don't let your dogs on the bed so it probly won't be a problem!

  17. i LOVE the first choice for bedding...but yeah...that price hurts the wallet huh?
    i think if you chose that, you could do the walls in that lighter blue/teal from the comforter, or an accent navy wall.

    i don't think you could go wrong with any of them though!

    have fun decorating :)

  18. Love number 3. I'm also really jonesing for some yellow in our bedroom and am planning on redoing it really soon in yellow and gray. I just need to pull the plug and do it.

    What color are you painting your room?

  19. I like C both color and price :0) Would you by chance be willing to invite me to pintrest? I submitted a request to the website ages ago! Thank you in advance and have fun decorating your new room!

  20. Oh I love love love that first one!

  21. I love Option A, but yes, boo to the price!!

    I think Option C is my favorite and I think yellow will make you happy! You could do so many things as far as wall colors with that - blue, green, even red! I love using yellow as sort of a neutral. So happy and sunny.

    Option B would be a close second, because I am a sucker for damask. I really think you could pair a nice slate blue/gray wall color with that for kind of a neat effect!

  22. Option 1 is so pretty!! But both oft he yellows are supper fun too! Go with fun and bright then mix it up with throw pillows like you suggested. Either way you go they're all great options!