Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Friends & Antiques

Last Sunday, I headed to the southeastern coast of North Carolina to visit my friend Lindsay at her parents home in Southport (it's about 40 minutes from's also near the hometown of the one and only Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, no sightings though...probably because she's in jail! However, Lindsay did show me the Wal-Mart where her crazy mother works.).

Lindsay's parents moved down here from Richmond after we graduated from high school, and they live really close to the beach. For years, Lindsay has been trying to get us to come visit for a beach weekend, and this year it finally worked out. Our other friend Jeanne came from Richmond and we had three lovely days at the beach. It may have rained 2 out of our 3 days, but we still had fun catching up, eating out, shopping, and watching the RHONY reunion! I also helped Lindsay start her own blog!

On Monday, we drove into Wilmington since the weather was bad and we did a little shopping at this amazing antique/consignment store in town called The Ivy Cottage.

This place was actually 3 buildings plus a warehouse full of beautiful old furniture and knick knacks. Some of the furniture was in its original state, some had been refinished, but it I wanted almost everything I saw.

I tried not to be obnoxious with my big camera, so I mostly relied on my phone. I felt a little like Young House Love while photographing our adventure at this place! One can pretend to be that cool, right?

They had about a dozen different chandeliers in one of the shops.
I would love to put any of these to use in my house!

Jeanne bought this for her bathroom to hang towels on...

And Lindsay debated for awhile about getting these candle holders shaped like anchors. How fun would these be spray painted in a fun color on a dining room table?

They had a lot of their glassware arranged by color in the stores. I don't know what it is about color arrangements, but if I see a window or shelf full of something that's all one color or in ROYGBIV order, I want it all. Same goes for the way clothing is laid out in stores.

I loved this old card catalog set of drawers.

Here's some of the other furniture. This is just small fraction of all the beautiful pieces we saw. I'd really love to redo my hutch in a fun color like these, but I'm so nervous to take that leap. Seeing these in person may have just put me over the edge. We'll see if I'm bold enough.

I did make a purchase at The Ivy Cottage. Here's a sneak peek...I'll share more when we have it up in the house!


  1. Fun weekend! My fiance is an antique dealer so my weekends almost always involve an antique store visit. Love them & yes it is so tempting to buy everything!

  2. oops didn't mean to be anonymous in my comment above - it's me @heatherbee21 on twitter and at having trouble logging into blogger comments

  3. Sounds like fun!! We're going to WILM in a few weeks for a wedding. I've made a mental note to visit the Ivy Cottage!

  4. I've spent a lot of time in Wilmington, but didn't know about Ivy Cottage. I'll have to add it to my list.

    When we were at the beach earlier this summer, I was at the deli at Wal-Mart and Jennelle's mom cut my meat! I didn't know she worked there, but recognized her voice immediately! I finally got up the nerve to ask if she was who I thought she was. We chatted for a bit and she was actually very nice. She certainly still has her own brand of crazy, but has definitely dealt with a lot. I can't imagine being at work and surrounded by magazine covers with your daughter's shenanagins. Crazy.

  5. That is a SWEET thrift store. I would have taken pics too! PS I am going to email you this week. I just got a 4th gd teaching job and I need your advice!

  6. Did you guys go eat at Provisions? That's my favorite Southport place!

  7. I love Wilmington and I love the Ivy Cottage! Did you make it to the Dawson's Creek tour? (Do they still even have that? Major college memories there...)

  8. I love that you came to my town! Wilmington is super cute and the Ivy Cottage goes on for forever... endless cute finds!

  9. I love all that milk glass!

    I totally would've died if I ever saw Janelle. They filmed an episode of 16 and Pregnant in the town we live in, but I sadly didn't see anything.

  10. Love it Rach! Thanks for all of your help with my new venture in blogging. I have so much more to learn, slow but sure. Can't wait to plan another girls weekend in the Fall. Hope to see you and Jeb over Labor day. I am sure you can find some purple and gold in your closet!