Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch Up

I go back to work next week. Can you believe that? My beautiful, wonderful summer is ending. I can't even think about it yet.

To distract myself from my job which is quickly sneaking up on me, I'm doing a little update. I have so many random pictures on my cell phone and my big camera. I thought I'd share today...

Now that I'm done with Lonesome Dove (the book that took me 7 months to read), I'm sort of on a reading kick again. I think my new Nook might have something to do with that!

Yesterday I finished Divergent, per Mojito Maven's recommendation and OH MY GOSH people. She was so right. This book sucked me in. It is going to be so hard waiting almost a year for the next book to come out. Do yourself a favor and read it!

Before starting Divergent, I finished up Sarah's Key.

I liked it...but...didn't love it. I think I'm in the minority here. It was a fun read that kept me entertained, but I just didn't feel that feeling you get when you finish a GREAT book. I wasn't sad to finish this one.

I never shared what I got J for our anniversary. My husband loves maps. We have quite the collection going. We have yet to hang them in the new house, so I don't have a picture, but here's a picture of the newest addition:

Back in Norfolk (or old home), we lived just blocks from the Lafayette River. I thought this was a fun way to remember our old home.

Farmer's Market

I finally got out and visited one of the Farmer's Markets here in Charlotte and I'm in love! We had a market back in our old city, but it didn't come close to this. I hope to add it into my weekly grocery trip!

We just finished True Blood Season 3 on DVD. Sookie continues to be my least favorite main character of any television show. Cannot stand her!

I started watching My So Called Life on Netflix Instant yesterday.

This is one show I've wanted to watch for awhile, but never got around to it. The amount of teenage "angst" going on in this show is incredible. I'm really enjoying it.

J and I are also watching Parks and Rec on Netflix Instant here and there. What a funny show. I think Ron Swanson is J's new hero.

Friends and Food
We've been busy trying lots of new restaurants in Charlotte. A few weekends ago, J and I tried Cantina 1511...it was delicious!

I had a margarita made with fresh OJ...I have now had dreams about it every night since then!

Last week I went to Mama Ricotta's with a lot of the (very kind and super sweet) blog girls in Charlotte.

Left: Melissa from The View From Five Two, Erin from Blue Eyed Bride, Me, and HRo from Robud’s Musings

Right: April from A.Liz Adventures, Lauren from Preppy Newlywed, Christina from Carolina Charm, and Katie from Snippets of Me… K.T. Louise

These girls are all so kind! It was so fun having dinner with them. Several of them have been a huge help as we know very little about our new city. They have sent me names of doctors, dentists, neighborhoods, schools, gyms...I feel lucky to have moved to a new city where I already feel like I have a bit of support system in place. Ashley and Faith...you girls were missed! Can't wait to get together with you!

My Eye
Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my post about my wacky eyeball. I am still seeing spots and floaters, which is okay according to the doctor. Eventually my brain will start to ignore the spots, but for now, they're still driving me crazy. I can see fine, but my right eye just has stuff floating in it at all times. I would love for that to stop!


  1. My So-Called Life is most definitely in my Top Five Favorite Shows of All Time. Man, I love that show. I cried for days when it was cancelled and then I recorded (on VHS, natch) the entire series when MTV aired them. When my college TV/VCR combo finally bit the dust, I got the DVDs.

    Aaaaaaaand now I sound creepy.

    Off to listen to some Buffalo Tom!

  2. I'm new to your blog and loving it! I was totally surprised when I recognized Melissa in your picture of the girls - I went to college with her! Small world :)

  3. I should really start reading more books and less magazines. Maybe a Nook will help inspire me?

  4. I LOVE maps too! I think they are such an awesome way to decorate. I'm so glad that you like the King's Drive Farmer's Market! Wait until you go over to the Airport market...that one is crazy! Also...I belong to the Y too! Maybe we'll have to take some classes together OR take the dogs for walks together!

  5. Glad you got to the Farmer's Market!

    So great to have met you last week at Mama's!

  6. Yay! Love this post and loved our dinner last week. We will have to do that again soon. :) Hope you enjoy your last few days of summer!! xo

  7. The Lafayette River ... just went that way a few days ago. Very nice addition, I must say.

    My So-Called Life! I used to love that show! (To think my parents would let me watch it growing up is frightening).

    Sounds like all is well in Charlotte - fantastic!

  8. Now you have me wanting to watch My So-Called Life...I was slightly obsessed with Jordan Catalano ;-)

  9. My husband loves maps too, and I got him an antique map of his hometown for Christmas last year :) And my husband's hero is also Ron Swanson (we love Parks & Rec)!

    Glad that you're settling into your new city so well :)

  10. Old maps are so neat! I saw My So-Called Life on Netflix and almost watched it - we ended up watching Heavy instead.

  11. Duude how amazing was Divergent, seriously? I made my new man read it and he's halfway through - and OBSESSED. Hah, love it!

  12. Cantina and Mama Ricotta's are two of my favorites! Yum! And isn't that Farmer's Market great? I love it!! There is nothing better. Good luck getting back to school. I seriously do plan on coming to visit your classroom!

  13. I've wanted to read Divergent for a while now. I've been on the library waiting list for ages. I agree with you about Sarah's Key...it was good, but not life-changing.