Thursday, September 8, 2011

labor day weekend part 1

As mentioned, last week we made a trip to Massachusetts to attend the funeral of J's Granny. It was certainly a sad couple of days.  What funeral isn't?  But a part of me left feeling so much joy. To know that she is dancing with Jesus and free from pain, that is a beautiful thought and gives so much hope.  

The service was beautiful.  She picked many old hymns to have sung, and each one seemed so appropriate.  I loved that we sang songs that held so much meaning to her. Funerals are always so sad, but when you sing hymns like "It Is Well With My Soul," you are reminded of what is really important on this earth.

After the service, there was a wonderful lunch back at her house with lots of friends and family. It was so fun getting to be with family. J has a lot of cousins on this side of his family and some are married and have their own little families. It's always fun to be with them.  It's also nice to see his immediate family since we only get to see them a few times a year. 

Love this picture of two of my nieces sneaking some cookies at lunch!

J and Me

J's oldest brother with his girlfriend

J's other brother with his fiance...we get to attend there wedding in New Hampshire next month!

My 3rd and youngest niece with her crazy head of curls

Lots of family time at the pool!

After about 36 hours in Massachusetts, we boarded a plane for Wisconsin to see the other side of J's family for an engagement party for his cousin. I'll share that soon!


  1. Well, I have a 5yo and he loves goldfish and teddy grahams, so... :)

    Love the pictures - looks like you guys had a good quick trip!

  2. I know you were there to mourn a loved one...but you should have popped in! We could have compared back to school stories!