Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Part 2

After we left Massachusetts last Friday, we flew to Wisconsin (where we had had previously planned to spend our Labor Day weekend).  Due to some bad traffic around Boston we were pretty close to missing our flight, but we made it with about 10 minutes to spare.  

Due to the large amounts of time we would be spending in the airport and on planes, I was well stocked in food and entertainment!  I had my Nook, a paperback, my iPod, and my husband who designs apps for a living, brought just about every gadget he owns. He also picked on me saying I packed food for a three year old...I'll let you be the judge! I guess I just like bite size snacks!

After a long layover in Chicago, we made it to Appleton, Wisconsin, which might just win the award for smallest airport I've ever visited.  His cousin (whose upcoming wedding was the reason we flew out, we were there for his engagement party) picked us up and about five minutes after we landed, his fiance landed as well.  It was nice timing!

The next morning we got up and visited, and then headed to the lake for the engagement party.  It was SUCH a nice party that J's aunt put together for all of the family to attend. The wedding is in NYC in October, and we won't be able to go, along with some other family. This was a nice way for everyone to get together and celebrate, and for the whole family to meet his fiance. And best of all, we got to see a lot of family we hadn't been able to visit in two years.

The not so newlyweds....

 The soon to be newlyweds and their beautiful cake (her wedding colors are orange, yellow, and grey...I think)


I loved this kid. I think he's J's second cousin? So many family members I'd never met were here. I'm still a bit confused as to who everyone was.  But this kid is the same age as my students and he spent most of lunch taking peoples' corn cobs and fishing with them in the lake.  As in...he held the corn cob in the water, and then using his net to catch the fish who swam to the corn cob. He was so into this. I loved it.

Later in the afternoon we had a big storm, so we raced into the cottage by the lake, but that was quickly followed by a power outage.  What does a group of distant family and friends do during a big storm? Play bowl of nouns of course (my new favorite game!).

Sunday morning we headed back to the airport to fly back to North Carolina...but only after a stop for some cheese curds and string cheese!  This is my favorite part about visiting Wisconsin (after the people, of course!).  If you've never had cheese curds, you're missing out. I was pretty afraid of them when i first gave them a try two years ago...ESPECIALLY when J's aunt said the best and freshest ones squeak in your mouth. But as soon as I had them (squeaky of course), I was hooked.

When we finally made it back to Charlotte on Sunday evening, we were beat. We picked up the dogs at the kennel (which, btw...I hate leaving them behind!), and headed to get some Oktoberfests and a pizza at my new favorite pizza place in Charlotte, Luisa's!

It was nice coming back Sunday and having all of Monday to recharge after such a busy 4 days of traveling.  We loved that we were able to see so much family in one weekend, but we were sure exhausted! 


  1. I'm originally from Wisconsin! Squeeky cheese curds are the best! Have you had fried cheese curds? They are great too! I always get them when I go to Summerfest (have you heard of it? Y'all should go to that one summer!) and Culvers has them too!

  2. Ahhh I love cheese curds!!!! I remember them squeaking, and thinking how odd, but they were so good!

  3. It sounds like a fun time with family! I've never had a cheese curd! I might have to rectify this!

  4. Hmmm cheese curds. Never really heard of those before, but sounds interesting. Sounds like you had a great time with you family.

  5. I want to travel with have fantastic snacks! :)

  6. Yay Wisconsin! I actually live just a few miles from the Appleton airport! It is pretty small, but at least the lines are never bad.

    I love fresh cheese curds! There is also a trick to get them to squeek again once they're not same-day fresh. You can put them in the microwave for a few seconds and they will squeek again.