Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Menu

Happy Monday! I know I was a little MIA from the blog this past week. Between school and weekend travels, and putting eye drops in my eye every five minutes, and spending time with my husband, the blog has been lacking in updates.  Hopefully, this week I'll get back on track some. 

No better way to start the week than with some delicious food!

My meals:

And as usual, it was quite tasty!  It had been a while since I'd made risotto, but felt great. I love the long process of constant stirring and letting the rice absorb the sauce. It's almost therapeutic after a long day. Can anyone relate to that?

Next up, I made GRITS Crock Pot BBQ and Cole Slaw....


....this is the only picture I got. It was just so darn delicious that it got gobbled up before I could even think about my camera.  Just trust me. It was GREAT! And one of those super easy, prep ahead meals. I'll be making it again!

J's Meals:

Super tasty, BUT....and this is a big but (LOL....typing that made me laugh), neither of us liked the tomatoes. I think we'll definitely be omitting those next time and maybe do something like sauteed asparagus instead.  Fresh tomatoes just weren't doing it for us!


  1. I love the meals you post. They all look so dang yummy and I have GRITS Crock Pot BBQ and Cole Slaw on my list to try as well.

  2. The pesto salad looks delicious. I love pesto in all forms. It may be good with sun dried tomatoes instead of fresh?