Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog Your Heart

I loved doing this post last month and linking up to Stephanie Howell's blog.  I'm feeling the need to participate again this month.

Here's what's real in my life right now:

  • I went back to my retinal specialist this week. Things with my eye are okay, but not wonderful. If things don't progress, I'm likely going to need injections in my eye.  I got a new drop to try out and I'm really praying that it gets the job done.
  • I dragged J to the retinal specialist with me because I was too afraid to go on my own. I was so nervous about what the doctor was going to tell me since things aren't getting better. Having him there with him helped me keep me at ease. He is one keeper of a husband (and he made us spaghetti when we got home!).
  • I quite often go through out the week with chipped finger nail polish. I am that girl.
  • I am finding that meeting new friends isn't as easy as a grown up as it was as a kid or even in college. This isn't something "new" to me, I guess I've just noticed it a lot lately being in a new place. However, I feel so fortunate for the internet. I have met some great girls since moving to Charlotte who I met through blogging and tweeting. I feel fortunate to call them my new friends!
  • I would love a pair of new boots from Frye...I'd really love that. But I also know that shoes that expensive are just not where I should put my money right now. So what do I get instead? Boots from Target. And you know what? I got compliments all day on Wednesday when I wore them. Who says $30 can't make you look and feel great?  Am I still jealous of all of the gals I know in their $300 boots? Definitely. But am I happy in mine? Yes.
  • My little sister just got hired for a job that's about a million times more awesome than mine. She's the Marc Jacobs rep for Bloomingdales in NYC. And in case you forgot, I still teach 4th graders. She is way cooler. But I wouldn't trade.  
  • I turn 28 in about a month. I can't even wrap my mind around that right now.


  1. I turn 28 in a month too...exactly a month. Do we have the same birthday?

    Cute find at Target! I'd love some Frye boots too. My mom bought herself a pair when she was in her 20's and still wears them. I'm thinking it might be a good investment. =)

  2. I have Frye boot envy. My sister has a pair (among her many pairs of boots). Of course, she's a doctor and I'm just a grad student. Too bad we all don't wear the same size because I'm not above chipping in and sharing a pair. You know, like that sisterhood of traveling pants?! We'd have traveling boots.

    Still praying for your eye. Injections sound scary, so I hope the new drops work!

    And, sigh, I wish I could be 28...again.

  3. Praying for your eyes. I would have dragged my husband too (if I had one). Going to doctors is scary!

    And I might have to buy those Target boots... they're cute and think of all the money you've saved from not getting the Frye's! Win win!

  4. I understand about the new friends thing! I moved to ATL 2 years ago from Birmingham and it is not easy to meet people that you "click" with. Because lets face it, some people are weird haha jk. Thank you for being real : )

  5. love those boots from Target...I guess they're definitely the next best thing to having actual FRYE Boots!

    Making friends is definitely hard, I'm so thankful for our church & small group that have pretty much forced us to be friends...thankfully we love these people like family!

  6. I love this link up! Totally doing it now!! Thanks for sharing! I also love those boots from Target! My mom just bought those Frye boots this past Sunday! So jealous!!
    Hope the new eye drops work! I had the injections...not fun!

  7. Aw - I love those boots! I wanted to get the same ones, but tall boots don't fit my big fat calves. :( sad face.

  8. I need to go check out those boots! I talked myself out of some gorgeous Fryes this season b/c (a) SO PRICEY and (b) I'm afraid my feet will grow right out of them come Feb and possibly not shrink back.

    And... 28 has been a great year... I'm sure yours will be just as grand!

  9. I've been coveting some Frye boots lately too! I tried to click on the target link to spy on the boots you got but it didn't work. I hate their website. Probably for the best, so I don't copy your style haha!

    Isn't it amazing having such a supportive husband? Thank God for our good men!

  10. My nails are currently chipped right aren't alone! :) Congrats to your sister!! What a fun job!

  11. I hope the new drops work for you, Rachel!

    I need some new boots, and I was eyeing up a few pairs at Target. Hmmm...

  12. I am sorry about your eye! I will be praying that those new drops help! And I want to see more of you, "Charlotte friend!" Let's hang out again soon. : )

  13. I so enjoyed our night at Amelie's on Monday!

    I settled for Target boots instead of a pair of Frye's also, and I actually like them. But, I like the money I saved even more =)

    Still praying for your eye!

  14. The whole retinal issue doesn't sound fun at all. The new shoes sound nice though!

  15. Ohh your poor eye. Nice that J went with you. Still praying for healing for you.

    Like those boots a lot! I need to check out tar-jay!

    I turned 28 couple months ago. It's not THAT bad. :)

  16. I'll be praying for your eye Rachel!! I've been reading your blog for a while now, I'm a fellow Charlotte teacher, my husband and I are beer enthusiasts as well, and a friend of Ashley Scott :) We're always looking for couple friends too!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  17. My heart goes out to you thinking about your eye. You're definitely in my prayers. I know that must be so worrisome.

    Several of my girlfriends from childhood are still in Charlotte and have made great connections through the Junior League. I know that can sometimes be thought of as a snobby group, but just like anything, you find a niche. We live in Greensboro and it's taken us 4 years to really start to feel like we're connecting. I've only started to feel like I have some good girlfriends in the last two months. It's hard not having that instant group that goes along with school, etc.

    I have some Target boots too. I tried to buy the Target Frye knock offs, but I wasn't impressed. I returned them and kept my mossimos because I thought they looked less fake!

    It sounds like you're sister's job is pretty amazing, but I think the second best thing would be having a sister with such a cool job! Sounds like some great perks could come your way!