Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a catch up post of sorts

Oh hey. I seem to have abandoned the little ol' blog for the past week.  Sorry about that!  It's all been for good reasons.

The main reason being the fact that we went to New Hampshire for 3 days to celebrate the marriage of my brother in law (and my new sister in law...yay!).  It was a gorgeous wedding.  One of the prettiest I've ever attended. I suppose the gorgeous autumn in New England landscape helped!  I took about 300 photos at the wedding and because I'm feeling quite lazy, I'm only going to share two right now. I promise to share more over the next week! I know that y'all will love some of her decor and fun fall ideas.  It was all just perfect!

We flew back in on Sunday evening, and unlike a lot of you, I had school on Monday. I have never had the luck to work somewhere that was out of school on Columbus Day. That should change!  

Speaking of school, it is going quite well. I am still feeling like I'm running in about fifteen different directions at any one time, but I am also starting to feel like the job is beginning to feel like a fit. I've blogged in the past about what a strange adjustment this has been, so feeling like I'm actually going to my job everyday is a nice feeling.

Some other mini life updates and things that have been keeping me busy lately:

I am so into the new show on ABC, Revenge.  It's my weekly dose of drama and The Hamptons.

Also, I've been watching The Sing Off on Hulu as I grade papers/cook dinner. Y'all. You may not know this about me, but I've always loved that Ben Folds. And now that Sara Bareilles is on there and they kicked off that dumb pussycat dolls gal? This show is the best.  It's one of the few reality competition shows that has judges who actually know what they're talking about. I am loving it.

The dogs are my BFF's this week. J has had some really late nights at work (and will continue to have them), and Rosie, Layla and I have had some pretty fantastic cuddle sessions.  I don't know how people  do it without a dog in their life.

In an effort to be more regular with my chores (because I'm really quite horrible with it), I went to Pinterest to find a printable to keep on my desk to help me keep up with all that needs to be done around the house. I know a lot of you are digging the home organization binder thing, but it's just not my style. This is as close as I'll get to that! Here's the printable I chose to use from The Project Girl. I just love the internet and all that you can find on it (for free!).

So that seems like enough random for one post. TV, chores, and puppy cuddling are what's keeping me busy these days, well....when I'm not at school!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I had to work on Monday too - yuck! That's a cute printable! I made a home organization binder and it helps but honestly I don't use it every day and that stresses me out because then I feel unorganized about my organization. Make sense? ;)

  2. I'm loving the Sing Off...I love Ben Folds too:-) And it's a show I can catch up on when the boys are playing and not feel bad! We have little dance parties!

  3. Your BIL's wedding looks amazing! Perfect for a fall wedding.
    I'm so happy to hear that so many people are watching Revenge, it definitely gets my vote for favorite new show!
    I use that exact same chore printable. I love it, but definitely need to do a better job of actually following it.

  4. Definitely had to work on Monday...BOOO!!!

    And Hubby & I are so happy they switched judges on the Sing-Off, we loved it before but we love it even more now!

  5. LOVVEEEE the sing off. Who is your favorite so far? I think I like that all girls group...whose name I am spacing...they were in the bottom two last week. I just love their harmony. I also died when the old group did The Lazy Song this week! so funny1

  6. I love your sister in law's dress. Can't wait to see more pics!

    I'm also loving Revenge! It gives me my drama and high life fix without being too immature (which is what Gossip Girl is becoming in a way).

  7. I love her dress - it fits into the scenery so well!

    I've been having some quality time with our puppies too. KB's been gone for work all week and will be gone this weekend.

  8. Oh you'll have to post more photos!!! It looks like that wedding was fabulous!!

  9. I had to work on Monday as well :(

    Yay for New Hampshire! That's where I am. It is beautiful here this time of year.

    I also love, love Revenge. I hope that they keep it and don't cancel it.

  10. Your SIL's dress is gorgeous! The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun!

  11. Your SIL's dress is so freaking amazing.

    And now that I know Sara Bareilles is on The Sing Off.... I need to catch up!