Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Monday Time

Time to share our most recent meals. Lots of yumminess going on in our kitchen lately! Also, forgive some of the poor photo quality. My big camera battery was dead for a lot of the week and I was lazy and kept forgetting to charge it!

My Meals:

You'll notice the original recipe called for chicken. I opted for some sauteed shrimp and it was delicious! This meal reminds me of spring rolls in a salad version. It's such a refreshing meal.

This was a meal I pinned on Pinterest months ago, but just got around to making it this past week. It was pretty yummy!  We added a bit of worcestershire sauce to ours, but that's it. It's a great blend of flavors.

J's Meals:

 This meal gets made pretty regularly around here. And, as per the usual, it was tasty!

Pulled pork and chili TOGETHER?  This recipe was made for my husband. My mom actually emailed it to him a few months ago and we've been waiting for the weather to get cold enough to make it. We loved it, but the only thing we might change in the future would be to add more liquid. Maybe a can of beer? It was just very thick.  Great chili, just has some room to grow!


  1. Yum that steak pasta looks delicious! I'll definitely have to make that one soon.

  2. You guys have been eating well lately! The steak pasta and pulled pork chili post sounds delicious. I can't wait to try them!

  3. Gah your meal planning has my meals all up in jealousy. I need to get better with my meals.

  4. Yummmmmy!!!!!!! :) It all looks amazing!!!!

  5. Every one of those recipes looks delicious. I will definitely need to try some soon! Yuuum!

  6. The pulled pork chili looks delicious!