Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu Monday

My Meals:

I made this pasta about a year ago, and I remembered it over the summer. I've been waiting for a cool, fall evening to make it again.  It is one of my favorite meals for fall!

J's Meals:

Pork Chili (this is his own recipe....lots of beans, lots of tomatoes, some beer, and a big piece of pork)

 (yes, I put goldfish in my chili)


  1. Can I come and have dinner at your house?? You always have the best food!!

  2. I agree with Melissa, can I come too????

  3. See, now you are even farther away and I REALLY want to come to your house for dinner! The pumpkin sausage pasta sounds SO good!! :)

    I miss you friend!! It wasn't the same without you on Saturday!! xoxo

  4. The pumpkin pasta sounds really interesting (but delicious!)

  5. Love Menu Mondays and love reading your blog:) I'd love to share dinner responsibilites with my hubs. Unfortunately, his "cooking" repetoire runs the sloppy joes and frozen pizza route. The goldfish crackers on chili is genius...must try this!!!

  6. The pumpkin sausage pasta is one of our fall favorites. Yum!