Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Hampshire Wedding: Part 2

I shared some of the "details" pictures from my BIL's wedding on Thursday, here are some pictures of the actual event!

Here we are at the rehearsal dinner....

With our nieces...they're so shy and hate the camera!

The day of the wedding, I went out with J's other brother and his girlfriend and we bought some rain boots to wear to the wedding.  As beautiful as the wedding site was, it was also a little muddy.  These boots were worth every penny.  By the end of the evening, we were all muddy but I didn't care!

My new SIL is a veterinarian.  This is her dog Bo (doesn't he look so much like Layla?) that he attended the wedding and wore the wedding color!

Hamming it up before the ceremony began...

Me and my date waiting for everything to begin...

Here's our other niece, she was one of the flower girls...

The bride coming down the aisle. She was just gorgeous!

These are all of the ceremony. I took so was all just so pretty!

J with his mom

This is J's cousin who had her sweet baby just 4 days before the wedding. We were so glad they came and we got to meet sweet baby Adara!

A few shots of us...

And then one of the only pictures I have from the reception, their first dance!


  1. The brides dress was STUNNING and you and your man looked awfully nice as well :)

  2. What a fun wedding! Everyone and everything was beyond beautiful!!

    I love that our BILs live in the same town, too! What a small world. :) Hmm...I wonder if your new SIL is my sis & BILs vet?? Wouldn't that be neat?!

  3. Oh I love her wedding dress! So pretty!

  4. i LOVE her dress. like love LOVE. and you my dear look gorgeous!

  5. Such as pretty wedding! Reminds me a lot of the wedding in Colorado that I went to. And I like your dress too! I wore a navy blue to dress to the Colorado wedding too (creeeeepy). But no mud boots for me.