Sunday, November 20, 2011


I got a very sad email this week from a long time blog reader named Sara about a little girl (Ashlynn) from her small hometown who committed suicide last week.  She was only 11 years old.  Sara blogged about this sweet little girl on her blog, and her words were quite beautiful

And only a few days later, I heard on the news about a 10 year old girl in North Caroline, Jasmine, who also took her life.  The counselor at our school sent us some information about this death, and once again, I felt overwhelmed with sadness.

As a teacher, stories like this remind me to love on each of my students just a little bit more each day. Even when my nerves are shot.  Sometimes you may be the only person who is showing them any amount caring.  And as a human being, it just reminds me of the importance of kindness.  Each of these girls were so young, with a full life ahead of them, but each one chose to end that.

I know what I'm saying is nothing new, but man, it hurts to hear stories like this.  I work with kids this age on a daily basis, and to even think about this happening to a child I teach and care about, breaks my heart.  There are so many things that I bet their family and peers wish they had done differently, and so many actions and words I bet they wish they could take back.  What kills me the most is knowing these girls were too young to really even understand their actions.  To be 10 years old and and see this as your only option in life...I can't really think of a sadder scenario.

I know this post is a little scattered and not even that clear, but what I guess what I'm asking is two things.  1 - Pray for the children who feel this is their only option. Pray that they find someone in their life that they can talk to about their problems and someone who they know genuinely love and care about them. 2 - Show kindness to others. Every act of kindness impacts someone.



Sara had this quote in her post about Ashlynn, and I think it's a nice way to end this post...

"The world is too dangerous to live in, not because of the people who do evil,
but because of the people who sit and let it happen."
-- Albert Einstein


  1. So sad, truly. Praying for these families. When I start teaching in January I'll make sure to give my 5th graders extra love during the day.

  2. Okay wow, I'm signed in under my husband's blog...Lord have's Elizabeth @ A Wedding Story.

  3. Wow, I can't believe it! My hometown was suffering from a lot of teen suicide a few months ago, but you NEVER expect it to be a child. To imagine one of my students committing suicide is beyond my imagination. Prayers will definitely be lifted for their friends, family, and classmates.

  4. Its just heartbreaking. Your kiddos are lucky to have a good teacher like you! I got bullied a lot ... by students and teachers alike ... and that which came from the teachers was a whole lot worse!

  5. So heartbreaking. I can't imagine what these sweet angels must have been going through. Praying...

  6. It breaks my heart that a 10 year old would even know how to end her life. I have not kept up with either story just because, well, I'm the mother of a 10 year old and my emotions wouldn't be able to handle it.

    All kids deserve love...even the most nerve-grating kids. Come to think of it, they're the ones who probably need the most love. Children are amazing. They're so open, honest...and vulnerable.

    Whether you have your own or not, love unconditionally each and every child that comes into your life.

  7. So, so sad. Praying for their families.

  8. That is such a good quote at the end of this post. It sums everything up so well.

  9. That's so sad. I hadn't heard about either of these. It's so sad to hear.