Sunday, November 6, 2011

a lazy but wonderful weekend

Our weekend in a nutshell with zero pictures! One of those weekends that was wonderful, but I never pulled the camera out (well...almost!)

Friday Night: 
Delicious dinner from the crock pot (recipe will be on my Menu Monday post tomorrow), we went out to a local singer songwriter contest with some friends and then to a famous diner we'd heard lots about. It was just as good as everyone claimed it to be! And really, anywhere with fried pickles to dip in to ranch dressing? It's bound to be fabulous!

After our fun night out, we came home and watched two episodes of Parks & Rec, including the episode where Tom and Donna have "Treat Yo Self 2011" and Y'ALL....this show might just be my favorite comedy on tv right now. I love me some Modern Family, but Parks & Rec just kills me.



I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for a very fun craft! I'll share later this week when I finish!  Later in the day we met up with Faith and her husband to take Christmas card photos. This is the part of the weekend where I did use my camera, but I'm not sharing!  Faith mentioned the idea to me a few weeks ago that we should meet up one day to take Christmas card photos for one another.  We both have nice cameras and we like to take pictures, so why hire someone to take a Christmas card photo?  This would be totally free and give each of us a chance to practice photography.  I so badly want to share some of the pics she took because they're so wonderful, but I'm going to hold out until after I send out my Christmas cards! I am in LOVE with the pictures she took of us!

We came home from our little photo session to a house with no power. Major bummer. This meant that we just had to go out to dinner! Sadly though, we came home and sat through another hour and half in the dark.  This would be the part of the weekend we referred to as "olden times!"


Since moving to Charlotte, I found a meet up group of women in the city who enjoy craft beers.  This group has been a wonderful way to meet new people in our new city, and it's nice because right off the bat you know you have something in common with everyone there. In this case, it's a love of good beer!  Today one of the gals hosted a pumpkin beer tasting and I brought J along, too.  We had a lot of fun meeting some new people, enjoying some great pumpkin beers, and spending our Sunday afternoon just having fun.  Which is just what I need before a long work week.

And that's about it!

Hope your weekends have been fun and restful! Anyone else have a 4 day week this week? I love that my Friday is only 4 days away!


  1. My husband and I love Parks and Rec (we were Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson for Halloween this year... and any time we are trying to rationalize something (usually food, haha) my husband pulls out the "Treat Yo Self!" I'm always like, "Hon, it doesn't work if you say it every day!" Oh well.

    I love the Christmas photo swap idea! That is so smart! I can't wait to see the pics!

  2. I'm so jealous of your little photo shoot today! I've been desperately wishing that I had a nearby friend who wanted practice with their DSLR to help us get a decent Christmas card picture. I do have a friend that's coming over next weekend to help us, but it will be with our very frustrating point and shoot! Can't wait to see your pictures and Christmas card!

  3. We had lots of crock pot meals this weekend too. Yummy pot roast!

    I'm jealous of your photo shoot. I have to get moving on our Christmas Cards!

  4. Parks and Rec is terrific!