Monday, December 12, 2011

Menu Monday Returns!

Anyone notice that Menu Monday has been gone for the past 2 few weeks? With Thanksgiving, and birthday week, and then a full week of sickness in our home, our cooking has been quite sporadic.  We've been cooking here and there, but I didn't want to post about just one or two meals. So....this week you get the combo of meals we've been enjoying over the past 3 weeks.

My Meals:

My favorite risotto recipe plus my new favorite veggie. I just can't get enough of brussels sprouts these days. And with a little bacon roasted with them? AMAZING.

This was a pinterest recipe. These were way better than I had expected, but I think I'll do things differently next time. I made my own Ranch, and it ended up tasting too much like mayo, which just made them not very appetizing to me. I also shredded my chicken instead of pan frying it. 

J's meals:

J made this over the summer for our anniversary, and I requested it again during my birthday week. It's one of my favorites and oh-so tasty!

 There's nothing not to love about this meal! Also, if you have a Trader Joe's, I highly suggest buying their basil and herb linguini for this meal. It's a perfect match.

Not what I picture when I think of jambalaya, but still very yummy! It also made great leftovers for lunch the next day! We served it over white rice.

A fun and different mix to your typical pasta with pesto. 


  1. Yum! Totally looks good!

  2. The sweet pea pasta looks really different and good. Thanks for sharing!