Monday, December 19, 2011

Menu Monday

It's Monday which means it's MENU time!

My Meals:

Such a great recipe for potato soup! It cooked all day while I was at school, and I came home and prepped the toppings and we were ready to eat. I love that about the slow cooker! We topped ours with bacon, chives, and cheese.

Love this meal! It's such a different noodle dish from all my recipes since we serve it cold.  This is an old photo since I forgot to take a new one when I made this Saturday.  

J's Meals:

Not gonna lie....I was hesitant to try this meal. The combo of ingredients sounded a bit crazy (capers, pork, apples, tomatoes!), but man, it was goooood! We are definitely throwing this one into the regular rotation.

And a big fat failure not so delicious meal:
(sorry to any husbands who were offended by me calling this a failure!)

 This meal didn't even get a photo. It wasn't too pretty looking when it got served on our plates. It wasn't a terrible meal, but it just wasn't good. So much was lacking, and it was WAY too beany for us. This meal won't be making another appearance on the blog!


  1. "Big fat failure?" C'mon, it wasn't _that_ bad. Let it be a mild failure. Maybe medium. Not fat.

  2. This all looks great! Your menus always inspire me!

  3. I hate it when one of my meals doesn't work out. Last week we had a similar issue with a crock pot meal. Most of the time I love my crock pot, but sometimes they can make some nasty stuff.

  4. Your meet up looks like so much FUN!!! I wish I lived closer to you all!