Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

This may have been a four day work week, but was long. It might have something to do with the crazy sinus problems I've got going on. Or it could easily be about a hundred other things. Either's FRIDAY (sorry if that got the song stuck in your head), and I'm looking forward to the weekend. 

In honor of this lovely day, I'm here to share some of my recent favorites....

1. Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. Amazing. I'm not even a regular Cheerios fan, but these guys are the perfect amount of sweet in my breakfast cereal.

2. Charlotte Restaurant Week begins this weekend. We have reservations for a new place on Sunday evening and I am pretty pumped!

3. My new Scentsy warmer. My mom bought me the warmer for Christmas, and yesterday I got some new bars in the mail, thanks to my friend Megan who sells it.  I am burning Cinnamon Vanilla and it smells so great!

4. Writing A-Z: This is for all my teachers out there. Confession....I hate teaching writing. It is my least favorite subject to teach and the grading is painful. I recently bought a year long subscription to Writing A-Z for $30, and it was worth every penny. I find that writing is a subject that I really struggle to plan engaging and fun worthwhile lessons. This site pretty much does it all for you. It has work samples, it walks you through each part of the writing process of all types of writing...I am so happy I paid for this.

5. My Danskos that I got for Christmas. They're pretty darn incredible. Everyone told me I'd love them, but I had no idea. They're amazing. My only issue is I need more bootcut pants to wear with them. I wear corduroys once or twice each work week, but they're straight leg and I feel like they look kind of silly with the clogs. If I invest in some more bootcut pants for work, I'll be set. These things are great!


  1. I use reading a-z with my tutoring kids. We use the Lucy Calkins writing curriculum at our school, it's hard but worthwhile. I'll have to check out the writing site though. The bootcut cords from Loft are great, I got some last year and I'm pretty sure they are carrying them again this year. I have the opposite problem though, I would like more in a straight of skinny leg so I can tuck into boots. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I hated teaching writing, too. I tried so hard to like it, but it just never happened. Do they still use Lucy Caulkins in CMS? I am glad you found something that has worked for you.
    I LOVE my Danskos. I do PD for an educational program and I am on my feet a lot. My Danskos are all I wear. My only complaint is they add a lot of weight to my suitcase!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. I got hooked on cinnamon Cheerios when I was pregnant and have been eating them ever since! (Though my morning bowl is significantly larger than yours ...) Happy weekend!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you like your scents! And I love that warmer! Luke teaches writing and I always feel bad for him when he has stacks and stacks of essays to read! That does not look fun!

  5. I bought some of the cinnamon cheerios today and some of the chocolate kind. I hope I like them!

  6. all i can think about now is the cheerios! I want ryan to run and get me some right now;) Yummo:)

  7. It is really tough to grade writing. I felt like I graded too easy when I was a teacher, then would go back a second time and try to grade tougher. There's really no right answer and rubrics are difficult to follow.

  8. I use Reading A to Z but haven't tried the anxious to look into it. Have you done Little Birdie Tales? Another fun writing option. I just splurged and bought TWO pairs of Danskos (black and brown), they're my first ever and so far I think they were worth every penny.