Wednesday, January 4, 2012

high school flashback

Oh hey far in this year I have wanted to blog, a few times actually, but it's sort of one of those weeks where I just have nothing to blog about.

So instead of blogging about my lack of blog material, how about a walk down memory lane circa 2001-2002, my senior year of high school. It's always fun to take a look back!

Have I mentioned I love showtunes and musicals?
Here I am as Hedy LaRue, the promiscuous secretary in
  How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Play practice after school or show choir rehearsal was pretty much my life every afternoon.
Also, this is my very old friend Sarah in this picture, and now we work together at my new school.
How fun is that?

My 17th birthday with my siblings...I cannot believe my baby brother is the one turning 17 in two months.

And back to showchoir. I've written about my love for showchoir on here before, but that was something like 2 years ago. If you've ever watched Glee, you're watching a pretty good picture of what I did on a daily basis; you know, without the slushies and stuff.  But our little group was just as serious as Mr. Shue's group on Glee. And yes, that arrow is pointing to me!

I could go on and on. But this ends tonight's reminiscing (and that's the best of what I already have scanned)!  Call me crazy, but I really loved high school. I know not everyone can say that, but I suppose the performer in me just loved the stage.


  1. Ahh I love this! I was in my school's Chamber Choir and Women's Ensemble!! Loved it, some of my best memories...I'm totally a choir nerd :)

  2. I love you, sweet friend, but now I feel old. ;) My senior year of HS was 1995...that seems like ages ago!

  3. So fun! I love your trip down memory lane. I was in my high school's plays too but we didn't have show choir. If we did, I 'm pretty sure I would have loved it!

  4. I saw that picture and thought it was Rachel from Friends. I have been watching that show like crazy lately. I really need to scan in more of my pictures to have as a back-up somewhere.

  5. I LOVE THIS!! I didn't know you were in showchoir! So fun. A woman of many talents! : )

  6. I love that you were in show choir!!!

  7. What a great post! I love flashbacks!

  8. I love flashbacks too!! You are so adorable, in glitter and all! I can barely remember high school :)

    Happy New Year!