Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Monday

Happy Monday!

I am closing in on a three day weekend, and I must admit, that extra day just feels so nice. I think there should be one three day weekend every month. That would give you something to look forward to each month. How nice would that be?

I suppose Mondays are just a part of life. Let's make the best of them with some food! 

My Meals:

Big thanks to Molly for sharing this recipe with me. I am one who doesn't typically like chicken noodle soup, but after reading through the recipe, it sounded like a great meal for a cold day. I bought a rotisserie chicken for this meal which I think made it even yummier. This might be my new favorite soup recipe!


Before you ask, I sure didn't make this. This lovely little meal in a box comes from my local Harris Teeter. I have always disliked sushi, but in the past month and half, I have started to love it more and more. I'm still reserved with what I'll order, but the texture doesn't bother me the way it did before. J plays frisbee on Tuesday nights, and this might be my new go-to meal for my "single" dinners!

Naan Pizza

This idea came from my friend Rachel. She told me that she makes personal pizzas on the frozen Naan from Trader Joe's. What a genius idea! This was one tasty, mini-pizza! I topped mine with some leftover rotisserie chicken that didn't go into the soup, some bbq sauce, some cheddar, and a few green onions. I already thinking of all the fun and different combos I can come up with for these mini-pizzas!

Pork Chops, Salad, and Sweet Potato Fries

Nothing fancy here. I marinated and grilled some pork chops, made some frozen sweet potato fries, and J threw together a salad for us of mixed greens, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds. This wasn't a fancy meal, but it was yummy!

Beef Skewers with Couscous and Skinny Tzatziki

We make this meal a lot, and every time I remember how much I love it. We forgot our green peppers this time, but it still worked out.


  1. Those beef skewers look delicious! Thanks for sharing

  2. I love the Naan pizza idea! We are obsessed with TJ's frozen naan so I can't wait to try topping it with pizza toppings.

  3. Sushi is always my go-to single girl meal too. KB is not a big fan and I only like it every now and then so I normally only eat it when I'm alone.

  4. Have never tried the single gal sushi dish!!! Maybe I should as looks yummers. And that soup even looks right up my alley. Honest question, do you always make small portions and minimize leftovers with so much variety?!

  5. Mmmm...I might have to make that chicken noodle soup soon! And sushi has become one of my go tos about every other week during the week while B travels! I stay safe like you, not too adventurous with my sushi yet either. Ha, I tried Trader Joe's sushi this week and was a fan!!