Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Friends

We really love living in Charlotte. We love the city and all that it has to offer. We love our jobs. We love that there are no tunnels that back up as part of our commutes. It has been a wonderful new home to us. Honestly, there's very little that we miss about living in Norfolk, VA. 


We really miss our friends there. We left behind some wonderful friends to move to North Carolina, and while we've met some fabulous people here, they certainly don't replace the people we left. 

This past weekend we traveled back to Norfolk and Virginia Beach to see our friends there, and it felt so nice. Friday night we went out to dinner with our good friends, and then Saturday we all visited the zoo together. Funny, we lived minutes from this zoo for 4 years and we never visited. With the beautiful weather this weekend, it seemed like the right time to go.

We had fun saying hello to all the animals and just being outside in the sunshine. On Saturday evening, our same friends had us over for dinner and drinks, and of course for fun and hanging out. 

I was only there for a small portion of the evening because I actually left J and our friends behind for dinner so I could drive to the beach to meet my old team of teachers for dinner. And my goodness, it felt good to see those ladies. 

Leaving that school has been the hardest part of my transition to Charlotte. I've blogged before about how much I loved the people I worked with, and seeing them on Saturday confirmed just how wonderful they are.  I am very lucky because I have moved to a new school with great people, but no one will come close to replacing the women on my last team. It sometimes even feels like I'm just on this very long summer break and in a week or two, I'll be back at work with them again and we'll be back to our usual selves. You'd think that after 5 months of working somewhere new, I'd adjust and realize this is my new normal, but a little piece of me just doesn't want to admit it. I really miss them.

Our dinner was lovely, but I didn't take a single picture. Kicking myself for that now! But I guess when you're having lots of fun, sometimes pictures aren't a priority. 

We drove back in town today and we're gearing up for a very busy week. This weekend away was a wonderful refresher and has me ready for summer so we can go back to visit again...and next time we'll be able to visit the beach!


  1. I so hear you! As much as I love our new life and am confident that it's where we're supposed to be, this 'new normal' is hard to get used to.

  2. How fun!!! I know that did your heart some good!!! :)

  3. In my experience a move never replaces the people that were so hard to leave behind... it's all about a new chapter and finding the people that make your current reality "home," even though that will always be different than the home you left behind. It's hard sometimes, but the way life keeps growing with so many new people and experiences is a pretty wonderful thing, too.

  4. I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit! We are happy to have you in Charlotte, but I know there's nothing like old friends :)

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  5. How great that you were able to go back and visit a lot of your old friends! That always make the heart feel better.

  6. I'm struggling with this big time right now as well. I so miss my friends in Savannah, but my friends here are pretty awesome too. I miss that history I guess. So glad you're loving Charlotte though. Now come down to Greenville to visit!

  7. This looks like a ton of fun!