Wednesday, February 29, 2012

make it count

Today at school, I wrote "Happy Leap Day" on the board by the date, and I had about 6 kids ask me what that means. I guess that's what happens when it only comes around every 4 students would have been 5 years old back in 2008.  I guess I can't expect them to remember!

In honor of our extra day, J and I went out for Mexican tonight. We really wanted to make our extra day count, so what better way to do that then with chips & salsa, shredded beef tacos, and of course a margarita or two? (ETA: I went back and read my leap day post from back in '08 when I was a very new blogger, and it looked like I spent my extra day eating the same thing...when is Mexican a bad idea?)

Also...I listened to this song about 12 times in my car today. I wanted to make sure my extra day was only filled with the best (and I'm mildly obsessed)!

Did you do anything fun to make your extra day count?


  1. Civil Wars has been a theme lately:) I can hear why! I belt out like her, but I don't quite sound the same!

  2. That song is awesome. I heard it on the radio the other day & cranked it up!

  3. We also went to Mexican last night in celebration of leap day!

  4. The same exact same thing happened to me at school! My kids had no idea what it was!