Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Monday & Link Up!

Happy Menu Monday! Like I mentioned last week, I'm going to start hosting a link up for your weekly meal plans! I'd love it if you'd join in with your own menu on from your blog. No need for you to post on Mondays, and it's okay if you don't have pictures! This is just a way to get new recipes and ideas.

My Meals:

I had one nasty cold last week, and this soup was just what I needed. It was the perfect pick me up when my head felt like it was in a fog.

Yes, this was just as tasty as it appears to be in the photo! Maybe even better! 

J's Meals:

So much butter and garlic in this dish. How could it be bad?

This meal doesn't photograph well. The colors look so crazy!
Oh...and some green beans too!

Ok! Now it's your turn to link up...I'd love to see what you ate in your home this week!


  1. My husband has already requested the steak salad for next week. Excited to try it!

  2. Making my menu for the week and referring to your blog for ideas :) Question- is the spicy shrimp super spicy? I can handle spice when it adds flavor to a dish, but have never been one to douse my meal with Tabasco sauce. But I love me some shrimp and pasta dishes, so if this one isn't too overwhelming I want to try it!