Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest Finds: Teacher Love

It's been awhile since I shared some of my recent loves from Pinterest.  As a teacher, this site just continues to amaze me. The number of teacher materials and ideas I see on here each week just amazes me. I started using Pinterest last May, and I wish I had kept count of the number of things I've incorporated or used in my classroom that came from Pinterest. It's probably somewhere around 20-30.  It's treasure box of ideas that have made my job much easier, and it's made the school day much more fun for my kids!

Here's some fun things I've pinned lately...

How fun are these cute, free, printable postcards to give to your kids when they need a little pick me up? That's something we can all use a little of during these long days in February and March

Now that I'm in a "common core" state, I'm always looking for helpful resources that meet the new standards and objectives!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I'm thinking of printing a copy of this for each kid to glue into the back of their writing journal. This is something a lot of my kids struggle with in writing.

I love this visual writing rubric. Might not look the same for 4th grade, but I'm thinking of ways that this could be used in writing in the upper grades. The students have a much better idea of what's expected if it's modeled for them. Why not give them a specific model for their essays?

Symmetry is always a fun concept to teach, but I think this would help the kids connect to it even more. Love how they displayed this!

Anyone else love foldables as much as I do? This wiki is full of good stuff!

I think this is GREAT for students who need an actual visual to help them remember what to do next. I have 2 or 3 who I'm really thinking would benefit from this.  Even in 4th grade, this is definitely a wonderful tool.

And finally...just for laughs

Oh, Sally! Those words go through my head almost every day!


  1. Great ideas! I keep thinking about joining pinterest, but have had trouble getting an account. It would be great to "pin" all these great teaching ideas :)

  2. Hi I have to admit is the first time that I read your blog! I'm a teacher also, but for preschool in Venezuela, and i have time hearing about Pinteres but I never dared to open a account!! And for this Post I did it, just to get Ideas!! But I can't believe that they have a WAITING LIST!! well Thanks for this pots

  3. That last idea would be really great for special ed students! Oh, I love pinterest!!

  4. I am writing a quiz for my AP Env Sci kids on math problems and I am TOTALLY using that cartoon on it! They pretty much say that to me ALL the time! ( :

    I love pinterest but I rarely see high school classroom ideas... I'll have to dig deeper, I love your posts!