Wednesday, February 1, 2012

welcome february

Do you all love my revival of last year's Valentine's cards?  I figured it was an appropriate way to start the month. Olivia is the world's most lovable little cartoon pig!

So - we're one month into 2012 and I'm hoping for some good things in February.

I'm hoping for some colder weather. I have enjoyed these pretty days in the 60's that have dominated January, but I want to wear my new Ugg boots and a fuzzy hat.

I'm hoping to continue to build friendships and relationships with the people I've met in Charlotte. This month is packed with coffee dates and happy hours with new friends. I really like this!

I'm hoping that my eye would get better (that's wishful thinking...but I'm hoping!)

I'm hoping that this month of school would be bearable. February may be the shortest month, but it's notoriously one of the longest and hardest months for teachers.

I'm hoping that I get to see as many of the best picture nominations as I can before the oscars on February 26! So far I've seen Moneyball, The Help, and The Descendants. I still have 6 more to go!

I'm hoping to finish a book this month. No. I take that back. I will finish a book this month!

I'm hoping for a lot of chocolate on the 14th!

What are you hoping to see happen this month?


  1. isn't it crazy how we're never happy with the weather...I wouldn't mind at least one big snow storm this year!

  2. Love the Olivia valentines! :) I hope February goes well in your classroom! :)

    I'm hoping for a fun Valentine's Day with my hubby!

  3. Ughh...I'm hoping for a bearable & quick month of school!!

    Coffee was so fun! We'll have to make a date for February since it was still January yesterday :)

  4. I'm really REALLY hoping The Help wins best movie!!!!! :)

  5. love the valentine's :-)

  6. What fun Valentines! That's the one thing I think I would really like as a teacher. Getting Valentines is so fun.

  7. Hope you get some cooler weather so you can bust out the uggs!