Wednesday, March 14, 2012

life right now

Nothing like rolling in the grass on a nice day and getting your belly rubbed... least that's what our dogs says!

In addition to spending a lot of time in the yard thanks to extra daylight in the evenings and this crazy warm weather, we've also been....

- busy looking at houses (this house hunting business is no joke, y'all weren't kidding)

- enjoying the shamrock shake from McDonald's. How had I never tried one before this year?

- watching Lonesome Dove, the miniseries on Netflix. I read the book last year, and J just finished it. This miniseries is definitely from 1990, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Robert Duvall.

- planning my ten year high school reunion...or at least doing as much as I can to help from 5 hours away from where the reunion will be held. Also, ten years? Really?!?

- prepping for our spring break trip out west. I am counting down the days!

- speaking of "counting down the days"...only 55 more school days until summer!

Ok, I am beginning to ramble. 
Happy Pi Day (I am such a dorky math teacher)!


  1. That sounds like a whole lotta lovely :)

  2. I bet you can't wait for SUMMER!!! I wish I got a summer break!

  3. LOVE the Shamrock shake!

  4. I have tried to get Nuts to go on a walk with me the past two days, but he is scared of the wind. It is SO annoying. It has been so warm and I hate that he won't enjoy it.

  5. Y'all are looking for houses?! So fun!!

    And I have about 20 pictures of my dog doing the same dance on his back in the grass - we love this weather!

  6. That sounds like an awesome weekend. We've been able to take our little puppies out more too since the time change. I love it!

  7. I SO want to go on a spring break trip!

    Isn't house hunting insane? I love looking at houses, but it can get stressful!

    I heart a commercial for the shamrock shake..but isn't it mint? I only like fresh green mint.. weird, I know, but I bet it's good!!

  8. My ten year is this summer too and I can't believe it's been that long! wow how time is flying!

  9. I need to try that shamrock shake. I know I'd love it, I love mint! Sounds like y'all have been having a lot of fun!

  10. Hey! Just got to your blog while doing a little blog you happen to go to New Charlotte Church...when you were talking about a sermon series..our church was doing the same one! We live in Matthews. Well...if you do come by the Kid Warehouse and meet me sometime! Loved reading your blog!

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