Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has certainly sprung...

In case you hadn't heard, it is certainly feeling like spring around here.

It seems like our backyard exploded into a lush rainbow of colors over night. Two weeks ago, there was so much brown out there. Not anymore. Now we have a whole range of colors!

 All of this lovely weather is great for my mood (how can you feel grumpy when it's like this outside?), but not so great for my allergies or the piles of papers that need to be graded. I should stay after school a few days a week and catch up on grading and the other one thousand things that need to be done, but why stay after work when it's this lovely at home?

Can you blame me?


  1. Gorgeous flowers. It's been pouring rain here but the sun is shining today so I think I'll get outdoors myself!

  2. It is SO hard to stay in school when I know how nice it is outside...and when no one else at the school where I'm working seems to EVER stay after. I don't know when they plan. It's certainly not in the morning, either, because most teachers roll in with the students. How they do that is beyond me.

    Anyways...Happy Spring!

  3. We are closing on our house in the next few weeks and haven't seen the yard in a few weeks. I'm scared to see what the yard looks like!

  4. Oh my goodness... gorgeous!! So many colors!

  5. beautiful pictures! I cannot believe spring has already arrived - but I agree it is fabulous for my mood too! xo

  6. Love those photos and flowers! I'm so happy spring is finally arriving!