Thursday, March 1, 2012

welcome march

Oh hey, March!

The first 60 days of the year have flown by. And now it's time for some warmer temperatures (but let's be honest, it hasn't been all that cold), and spring break feels like it's on the horizon.

What's on the agenda for this month?

I'm getting a haircut...first one since August....yikes!

My baby brother turns 17 (whaaaaat?!?!)

I will eat my weight in Starburst Jelly Beans. And Samoas.

We get to have a date night that involves a delicious dinner and a performance of Jersey Boys

Hopefully (fingers crossed), we're officially beginning our house hunt. 

HUNGER GAMES!!!!! (I'm only kind of excited)

And best of all, we fly out to San Diego on the final day of the month to start my spring break. I'd say that's one lovely event to look forward to this month!


  1. So... Do you have your Hunger Games tickets yet? Do you want to go together? Rob's all finished with the first book & should be finished with the second soon. Maybe all 4 of us could go together?

  2. Good luck on your house hunt! I'm so excited for Hunger games too! I can't believe it's March already!!!

  3. Happy March! I bet you're counting down the days until spring break. Nick's parents recently moved from San Diego to Alabama, and I so miss visiting them in sunny California!

  4. The starburst jelly beans are amazing! My grandmother always gets me those for easter.

  5. Yay for Hunger Games! CanNOT wait!