Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Diego: Day 3 beers, beaches, & sweet rides

After our morning on Coronado, we headed north to Escondido to visit the Stone Brewery. Long before we knew I was pregnant, we decided to visit this brewery, one of J's favorite. It was well worth the half hour drive! We got their about an hour before our tour time, so we enjoyed some "beers" in their restaurant. Which, by the way, was huge and had big open walls with fresh air. I loved it!

J's beer:

And mine...a root beer!

We also snacked on some pretzels and mac and cheese. Definitely the healthiest choices on the menu!

The tour was great and very informative. Of the breweries we've visited, this was definitely one of the biggest. Their facility was huge! We learned that Stone makes only ales, no lagers, which probably explains why we're Stone fans. 

I really liked their distribution truck and the saying on it. I couldn't agree more! 
When it comes to beer, this might be motto. 

After the tour was a tasting. J enjoyed the tasting for both of us!

 Before heading back to our hotel, we stocked up on some pint glasses, some for us and some for friends. If you're a beer fan and you find yourself in Southern California, the Stone Brewery is well worth the trip! Even as a non drinker, I really enjoyed the tour and my root beer!

We left the brewery and headed down the coast to our second hotel which was in Mission Beach. We drove through La Jolla on our way there and were able to catch the sunset over the ocean...something that definitely doesn't happen on the east coast!

In addition to seeing the sunset, we saw this gal (we think she was Miss California for Miss USA based on her sash they had) having a little photo shoot. Pretty hilarious considering that it was about 55 degrees out.

But back to that sunset, it was pretty lovely!

As soon as the sun was down, it got to be pretty cold, so we made our way back to the car and headed to our new hotel. But only after a quick photo of our sweet ride was taken. 

Yep....that beauty was ours as we cruised along the California coast. 
It was awesomely terrible. 

We ended up going to bed pretty early on this night and not going out to eat. The day had been packed, and after a late afternoon snack of pretzels, mac and cheese, and beer, we just weren't hungry for a big dinner.  It also felt nice to go to bed early. 

Up Next: Exploring La Jolla!


  1. I love reading your San Diego recaps because we were doing the same things you were within just a couple of days of each other! Don't be ashamed of your mac and cheese and hot pretzel meal because we ate the exact same thing! I'm still thinking about those yummy hot pretzels!
    I was really impressed with the facility/gardens there, so pretty!

  2. Ahhh don't ya just love the sunsets there?!

    They sell Stone beers at Trader Joe's. I recognized the label from your picture ha! I've gotten Kevin several of those.

  3. I absolutely love a brewery tour -- this one looks very cool. And that truck motto? LOVE it.

  4. I love Stone! My husband is from San Diego and his parents live about 20 minutes away from it so whenever we go visit them, we go to Stone also. They have the best food. Before I went gluten-free, the mac & cheese was my favorite.

    Glad you guys visited!

  5. The sunsets out here are pretty awesome. We will have to check out that brewery next time we head down that way.

  6. Is it just me or does that hubby of yours have an extra big "I'm gonna be a daddy" smile on his face? :) You guys are sweet, and I love always seeing these photos of your travels and experiences! :)

  7. You're going to need to go back to this brewery ;)

  8. That pretzel looks delicious! How torturous for you touring a beer factory and not being able to sample.