Sunday, May 13, 2012

16 Weeks

Before last night's wedding festivities...

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of Baby: Avocado!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +3 pounds

Maternity Clothes: The dress in the picture above is a pregnancy maxi dress from Old Navy. I didn't think I'd wear it till later in the pregnancy, but ended up needing a long dress for this week. This was before the wedding we went to last night. 

Gender: We're getting excited for the big appointment! Less than 3 weeks!

Movement: I don't think so. I've had a few moments where I wonder if it's the baby, but nothing that's obviously a baby moving. 

Sleep: Pretty well. We fly back to NC today from Colorado and I know the time change will throw me off.

Symptoms: I know some people say there legs stopped growing hair while pregnant, I have the opposite problem. I feel like the hair on my legs is growing so fast. Anyone else experience this?

Aversions: No way. 

Cravings: I feel like I must share a few of the impulse buys I made at the grocery store last week....Reese Pieces, white cheddar popcorn, and.....flank steak. Yes, I bought a steak because it sounded really yummy. Not for a recipe. Just because I needed it. That was a first.

What I miss: Flying without having to get a pat down. I opted out of the xray before our flight the other day and got a lovely pat down from a nice lady named Rusty. She was a sweet old lady, but it would be nice to just go through regular security like everyone else.

Best Moment this week: Taking a break from the real world for a quick weekend getaway to Colorado. Obviously, trips like this won't be as easy to make once this baby is here. It's crazy thinking this will probably be our last flight before the baby comes.


  1. You just radiate! Happy first Mother's Day to you! ;)

  2. The hair on my legs stopped growing, but it wasn't until the last month or so. I think I needed to shave *maybe* once a week. Coincided nicely with an inability to actually shave my legs, or at least without some serious contortionist work. So perhaps that'll still happen to you. The excess hair growth is otherwise really, really common. But just wait until you start shedding post-partum - I thought I was going bald!

  3. the hair growth is probably due to a bunch of B vitamins that are in prenatal vitamins! ( : once the baby starts using them up, you won't grow as much! (I took B vitamins before my wedding so my hair would grow longer faster, but I didn't realize that it makes ALL your hair grow faster - bummer!)

  4. You look great, Rachel. Speaking of steak, I bought a flank steak, too, so I can make that delicious steak sandwich you posted recently. It's on our menu for tonight.

  5. You look fantastic! My leg hair grew like CRAZY when I was pregnant. I actually asked my doctor about it because it was just ODD - she said it could be the vitamins, or it could just be random! Not sure if it has anything to do with gender, but I had a boy! :)

  6. You look so cute and pretty! Less than three weeks for the big appointment?? That is so exciting! Oh boy, did I crave meat during the boys' pregnancies and towards the end of HM's too! ;) And I love cheddar/white cheddar popcorn, it has been too long since I've had it ;-)

  7. How fun! I totally agree that my legs are out of control! I went to the gym today and caught a glimpse of the madness on the way out -- after I'd worked out! Haha!

  8. Best flank steak recipe=pioneer woman's beef and snow pea. Super easy too!

  9. Just stopping over from Kelly's Korner! We have a baby girl due September 2 and also live in Charlotte! Best wishes for a continued happy, healthy pregnancy!