Sunday, May 20, 2012

17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Size of Baby: The Bump says onion...but this really bugs/confuses me because onions drastically vary any size. Are we talking big, like a vidalia onion? Or small like a little yellow onion. Who knows! Baby is about 5 inches long, so I guess that is on the bigger end of onions.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was still +3 when I went to the doctor on Wednesday

Gender: The big day is getting close! Less than 2 weeks!

Movement: Still thinking I've had a few small moments where I think it was the baby. One thing that is for sure, is I definitely feel the baby/uterus when I move in a funny position, like shaving my legs. Bending over really makes me notice that things are changing down there.

Sleep: When I haven't been sick in the past week, I've slept great. When I woke up between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I was sick sick sick this week! Aches and pains, chills and sore throat. Once I got on the antibiotics, I was back to feeling great.

Maternity Clothes: Still just pants and shorts. Obviously though, my shirts are getting tight. I need to start only wearing looser non-maternity shirts.

Symptoms: One word. BOOBS.

Aversions: Most veggies just sound gross. When I go to meal plan, it's hard because most of the veggies I usually prep as sides don't sound any good to me.

Cravings: I ordered fish and chips at dinner on Friday night, a meal which I don't think I've ordered in maybe forever? It was awesome though. I've also been drinking a ton of water this week. Pretty sure this is related to being sick, but either way, lots of water has been a top craving.

What I miss: CoCo Loco Porter from NoDa Brewing. We went out to eat with friends last night and someone got this. Such a tasty beer! In addition to the tasty beer, I miss being healthy with no allergies. This allergy season has just been brutal. Others in Charlotte have told me that it's been exceptionally bad this year, and being new to the city, plus pregnant with lots of extra mucus (TMI and gross, but true), has just been a terrible combo. I am ready for the allergy season to come to an end.

Best Moment this week: When my antibiotics kicked in after 36 hours of feeling absolutely miserable. And? I made it through state testing! I know it's not related to pregnancy, but man...what a great feeling to have that behind us!


  1. I had major aversions to veggies until about 20 weeks...which was shocking considering I LOVE veggies.

    On another note, you and your bump are adorable!

  2. you look great lady!!!

    and you crack me up about the onion. you're such a foodie ;) i would've just been "an onion? oh that's fun" and not given it another thought! shows how little i cook!

  3. you look so cute!! and your "symptoms" cracked me up! haha yay for finishing state testing! you're so close to summer!