Sunday, May 27, 2012

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of Baby:  Bell Pepper or a Sweet Potato depending on which source you use.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +5 pounds

Gender: We find out WEDNESDAY! I cannot wait to know. Any guesses? I'm curious to know what y'all think. I'm also anxious about this appointment. In addition to finding out the sex of our baby, they'll also do the full anatomy scan. Praying for a healthy baby!

Movement: Yes! Definitely had some movement this week that was certainly a baby. A few jabs here and there. It's so low which is kind of surprising since it doesn't appear that I'm carrying that low. Either way, I wish it would happen more often. Right now I have to be really still to notice it and only feel it a few times a day.

Sleep: Sleeping fine, but crazy dreams. I had a dream last night where I could see the baby kicking from the outside, but it was almost creepy. In the dream it was like you could see an entire limb pushing up on the stomach. Hoping that sort of thing doesn't happen in real life. 

Maternity Clothes: Got some new shorts from Old Navy Maternity (seen in pic above), and I also bought a maternity tankini from Target. 

Symptoms: Dizziness when I stand up after laying on the couch...I see spots and have to regain my composure before I can keep going. 

Aversions: None that I can think of.

Cravings: Lucky Charms! Oh my goodness, I can't enough of this cereal. I've had two big bowls for breakfast yesterday and today. 

What I miss: The same as every other week, taking allergy meds and not worrying about the baby. I've been taking Claritin on school days because it's just that bad and I can't function or be a good teacher without it. Trying to avoid it on the weekends, but it's like my body is on a full on war with the allergens. 

Worst Moment of the week: I think I have pink eye. I've been dealing with very itchy eyes for almost a week and half. The antibiotics from my doctor did nothing to help it, so I went to a CVS Minute Clinic yesterday to see if they could give me something to relieve the itchiness. I think it's viral or allergy pink eye based on my symptoms and the fact that the antibiotics did nothing to it. After waiting 2+ frustrating hours to be seen, I gave up. The pharmacist helped me find some homeopathic drops that he ensured me were safe to take. They've helped relieve my symptomes some, but I still can't wear my contacts and it's driving me crazy. When I go to see my OB on Wednesday I'm going to see what he says. I just want it to clear up.

Best Moment this week: We bought a table and chairs for our back deck from a nice couple on Craigslist. When we went to pick it up this morning, the lady asked if I was expecting. This was the first time a stranger has asked me that...I know I must have grinned from ear to ear. She and her husband both insisted I didn't lift a single chair. They helped J carry all of it to our car.


  1. I think it's a boy...I don't know why. Just a feeling! And I have about 50% of being right :) Can't wait to hear, I'm sure y'all are SO anxious!!!

    Man, you just can't catch a break between allergies and pink eye :( Praying it all heals up and the allergens leave for the season!

  2. You look great!

    I think you'll have a girl. :) Can't wait to find out!

  3. Eep! You look SO CUTE! I'm so excited to find out, but my guess is boy. Cannot wait to find out! :) So happy for you!

  4. Jason and I both have our money on a BOY!!! You look so cute! xoxo

  5. You look wonderful! I got a Target maternity tankini last summer when I was pregnant and loved it. I still wear it this summer! Even thought I'm down to pre-baby weight, I just don't feel comfortable flashing my tummy. My guess is boy. :)

  6. I think it is a boy too! I think he would be a fab addition to your family.

  7. You're carrying high, I say girl!

  8. You are SO cute! :) I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I'm jealous of your bump! Mine is showing, but it doesn't look as much like a belly as yours! :(
    And girl, you ARE carrying high!! We find out this week, too. I'm so so excited! Can't wait to hear what you're having!!

    Oh, and also? I've had major eye issues since being pregnant, too. My eyes were super red, but I think it was more of a reaction to something than pink eye. They treated it like pink eye, but there's practically nothing you can take while pregnant :( Super bummer. I spent 6 weeks without contacts. :(

  9. I'm guessing a boy! Oh - and you will TOTALLY be able see kicks and jabs from the outside eventually. I have videos of my belly during that time - it's so weird, but hilarious to watch! :) I hope your allergy/eye issues improve!

  10. You look fabulous! I've seen two pregnant mommies pull off white shorts lately, and I was thinking to myself, "Where can I get some good maternity ones?!" Now I know.

    I've had pretty bad allergies my entire life, and I've had the best luck with prescription nasal spray. I wasn't totally comfortable taking meds during pregnancy, and they decreased my milk supply post-pregnancy, so it made sense to me to use something that is "local" in the sense that the steroids in the spray stay in your nose and don't transfer to your blood or milk. I use fluticasone, which is the generic for Flonase. It doesn't work instantaneously, but after about a week of use and with continued use, it is amazing.

  11. I'm thinking boy. I've heard that girls suck the pretty out of you, but you're still looking lovely so I think it's a gent.

  12. You look so great girl!!! I'm so on the fence with what you're having! I think I'm giving it too much thought ; I'm going with girl though. It was my original guess so that's what I'm sticking with! What are you thinking??