Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Denver and The Air Force Academy

As mentioned in this post from last week, we did a lot of sight seeing while we were in Colorado. A lot was done from the car since poor J can't walk long distances with his bad knee, and it was also cold and rainy while we were there. Either way, it was still fun to visit a new place!

We flew into Denver late Thursday night, and spent most of Friday exploring the city. We headed to the state capital after breakfast at our hotel. A beautiful building, if I do say so myself! I loved the gold dome on top.

Yes, I definitely noticed the altitude change! Didn't feel sick, but my body could feel the same!

After our tour of the capital, we headed to lunch! We ate at Cherry Cricket, thanks to a recommendation from blog reader Texas Turnaus. It was a wonderful spot for a late lunch after we had worked up a big appetite. 

Our custom burgers were DELICIOUS!

After lunch the rain had picked up again (boo!), and we headed to the other side of the city for a brewery tour at Great Divide Brewing Co

I will admit, when we went to the Stone Brewery on our San Diego trip, I was sad to miss out on the great beer, but it wasn't too upsetting. They honestly didn't have a lot of beers that were in a style I love. Great Divide, on the other hand, was totally sad. They had an oak aged chocolate stout that smelled divine. Brewery tours are just not as fun when you're pregnant! I am a nice wife to still go on them with my husband!

After the tour and a tasting, we hit the road to Monument, Colorado. This is where we were staying for the wedding. It was a rainy cold evening and we ended up staying in for the night and ordering pizza. I was exhausted by 8pm!

On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast at a local cafe, then we headed south to visit the US Air Force Academy. The most beautiful part of this was the chapel on their campus. What a beautiful piece of architecture! I had never seen it, or pictures of it, prior to this. It was quite the site!

The organ

This is looking up at the ceiling

We also toured the visitor's center where there was lots of neat info on the school. This little snippet on the school's show choir made my day. Who knew the Air Force was so into singing and dancing!

When we left the AFA, the sun had actually started to come out and we were able to get a view nice views of the scenery that had been covered in fog and clouds the whole time we'd been there. We kept going south to see the Garden of the Gods. Again, what a gorgeous site! Unlike anything we have on the east coast. I loved it!

After this, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the wedding. On Sunday, before flying back to Charlotte, we did a little more adventuring through out Colorado! This post is getting pretty long and already has too many pictures! I'll share the last part of our trip later this week.


  1. I saw the chapel at the Air Force Academy for the first time when I was in 5th grade & remembered being SO wowed by the structure! It truly is spectacular. Oh...and the last time I was in Denver I DEFINITELY had altitude sickness. It was terrible!

  2. That chapel is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow!!! Just the pictures of the AFA chapel are breathtaking!! I can't imagine seeing it in person! Gorgeous!

  4. When we were at the chapel a few years ago it was closed for a wedding - I was SO bummed. We got up close and personal outside.... but wow, I definitely missed out!

  5. Colorado looks so pretty - it's definitely on our must see list.

  6. I would be so bummed to be at a brewery and not be able to drink too!!!

  7. it looks amazing! I've never been to Denver and you've made me want to go now! Glad you had a good time.

  8. This looks so dang fun! What an awesome trip! :)

  9. OH- I loved Garden of the Gods! My husband and I rode through it on horseback on our honeymoon and it's just gorgeous. Hard to believe it's a public park out there!

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