Tuesday, June 5, 2012

19 Weeks and Baby Registry Help!

I know a lot of you skim these posts...I would too! But for all the moms out there, please read my last line in this post, I need your registry help!

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby:  A mango!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +5 pounds

Gender: A GIRL!

Movement: Yep...some days it's more than others. I had a crazy kick one night last week that I could feel really well from the outside. J hasn't been to feel her move yet.

Sleep: Now that we're settled into the new home, I am sleeping very well. Having a bathroom attached to our bedroom and about 3 feet from the bed is nice for all the middle of the night bathroom trips.

Maternity Clothes: Making my regular clothes work is getting interesting. I usually have to try a few things on in the morning till I find something that works.

Symptoms: I had some AWFUL pain under my rib cage yesterday, pain that actually extended into my back. I am worried it might be related to my gallbladder? Anyone experience this while pregnant? I am planning to make an appointment and get this checked out because it was a stabbing pain that practically had me in tears for about 3 hours.

Cravings: Still lucky charms! 

What I miss: Not having to find someone to cover my class every hour so I can go to the bathroom. Luckily, only 4 more days, and then I can pee whenever I want!

Best Moment this week: Finding out that we're having a GIRL! 

What I'm looking forward to: We're going out Saturday to register! All new moms out there, I'd love to hear your thoughts! What items are a must? Anything you registered for that ended up being a waste? We've already purchased our big stroller (we got the BOB Revolution CE from REI during their anniversary sale two weeks ago), but other than that I would love input. If you've done a post on this before, feel free to just share that link!


  1. I have zero registry advice since I'm still a dog mom only. But you have the cutest little baby bump ever!

  2. Your husband will feel baby girl move soon! It's awesome!

    For your registry: My Brest Friend pillow if you're nursing. I still use mine and L is 1. I love it so much more than the Boppy because it's sturdier and I had a big, heavy baby. Also invest in a good electric pump if you're breastfeeding, even if you're not going back to work. I stay home with L and I've pumped several times so I can go out for a couple hours and leave a bottle for him or freeze some for another time. I have the Medela Pump In Style and I bought a hands-free bra for $20 off Amazon. If you buy the pump that comes with the hands-free bra it's like $100 more. A nursing cover if you want to nurse in public or not hide out when people are over. Swaddling blankets are good. We used the Swaddle Me and the Woombie, but L didn't care much for swaddling. I've also heard the Miracle Blanket is awesome. Aden and Anais muslin swaddling blankets are awesome! They're pricey but you can use them for so many different things that it's worth it. We hated the gowns a lot of moms put new babies in. We had more luck with a onesie and Halo Sleepsack, those are amazing when you're done swaddling. Get a white noise machine, it does wonders for their sleep!

    Things that were a waste for us: Pacifiers because L never took them. Dr. Brown's bottles because L was fine with the ones that came with the pump (in the rare event that he got a bottle). Someone got us a separate tummy time mat which we used once. L just had tummy time on his activity mat. Newborn diapers because L never fit into them. I recommend having both NB and size 1 diapers at home before she comes just in case she's too big for the NB ones.

    I could go on and on, here's the link to my blog with everything else we liked :)


  3. It can definitely be overwhelming to go register. I don't have any advice to give yet, but I did find a blog post that linked to several registry posts: http://www.mamaneedssushi.com/2012/01/registry-posts-i-found-helpful.html

    I thought it was interesting to read what others thought.

  4. http://www.lucieslist.com/ - this website helped me a ton! I also agree with Melissa - My Breast Friend pillow is totally worth it! And the Aden & Anais swaddler blankets!

  5. I second subscribing to Lucie's List. It's a great resource. I recently posted some of my favorite essentials here, too: http://emilynix.blogspot.com/2012/05/our-baby-essentials-part-two.html

  6. I just started following you, I'm due with my 2nd about half a week later than you! I agree with all the recommendations so far and would add a snap n go stroller that works with your carseat. Other than that, it's so hard to know what products each baby will like... We have the snug a bunny swing and bouncer though and thankfully my son loved both! We also loved Tommee Tipee bottles and Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. Have fun!!

  7. Here is my post with this same question. A lot of these comments helped me a lot! http://www.talesofthetrees.com/2010/11/mommy-help.html

    I would say for sure get the big things, swing, car seat, bouncer, high chair etc. One thing I always suggest is get a full size high chair as opossed to one that just sits in your kitchen chair. Best decision ever!

  8. We haven't ventured out to register yet, but I've heard Lucie's List is great like another commenter said. Also, I had several people recommend the book Baby Bargains to me. It has helped me think of things I never thought of before and the author is pretty helpful to point out what might be a waste of money and what's needed. They also rate brand name products and give pros and cons of each. We've loved a lot from it so far.

    I also have a friend who now has two, small children who has offered to get together with me once we register and go through the registry online to tell me what she thinks I should add and what she thinks I should get rid of. That might be helpful if you have any friends with babies.

    Good luck! I sometimes feel overwhelmed about going, but at the same time, I know that it's going to be so much fun :)

  9. Creating a registry can be overwhelming! But it can also be a lot of fun! I have an almost 6 month old and here is what we use the most: the play pen (for changing and napping so far), her activity play mat, the bouncer (just got the Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer...best investment we have ever made), bottle sterilizer.

    Things that were a waste: the bottle warmer (we use the microwave), boppy pillow (she never latched and she wouldn't use the pillow to nap), swaddle blankets (she hated to be swaddled).

    It's hard because you just don't know what you're going to need until you're actually there. Good luck!

  10. I have no personal experience, but one of my good friends did this post: http://thekostrzewas.blogspot.com/2011/10/in-my-humble-opinion.html about what she would have registered for in retrospect.

  11. PerfectWhiteBow6/5/12, 12:35 PM

    Start them online first, saves time at the store.

    Wear comfortable shoes, you'll be on your feet for hours.


    Bring water and DH snacks to keep him interested.

    Print out Lucie's List and bring with you.

    Register everywhere even if you're only "listing" one or two locations for shower. They give you "welcome" bags with samples and coupons!

  12. I want a BOB revolution stroller too!!

    A friend gave me a book called Baby Bargains, by Denise and Alan Fields, 9th edition. It's really great at telling you what you really need and what is a waste, how to save money, plus it has reviews on every single baby product out there and recommends which ones are safest. It has def. helped me to pick out lots of stuff for our registry.

    Have fun registering!!

  13. I know these kinds of blog posts helped me register. Here you go http://thetalesandtrialsofmrsp.blogspot.com/2012/02/registry-product-review.html
    have fun!

  14. If you are breast feeding, the my Breast friend pillow is a must. We love ours. Even if you are going back to teaching, I would recommend a Medela electric pump. I decided not to continue teaching and still use mine for the occasional break. I also highly recommend the Rock n' Play sleeper and Summer swaddle blankets.

    Things I would NOT register for are bottles. Luke (when he did get a bottle) was very picky. So I found it worked best to try one out from a friend before we bought the set.

  15. I am a nanny so I have some experience with baby products but right before my sister had her baby I did a post asking for reader suggestions. I also included my favorite products.


    Good luck!

  16. Even though this is dated July 2011, I updated it today: "C" is for Checklist

  17. Yay yay half way girl!!! Sorry to hear about your rib cage pain, no fun!

  18. Have fun registering! I was surprised how many gifts we actually got from our registry. Our favorite things have been the bouncer (Andrew didn't really like the swing), the excersaucer (he started using it at about 4 months and LOVES it!), swaddle blankets (or Wombies- we loved the ones that just zipped up instead of velcro), an extra car seat base, the Bumbo, and books to read to him. It's a bit overwhelming- isn't it? :)

  19. Oh my, how cute!

    Do plenty of research before you commit to your purchases and go with what you want and not what other moms who "think they did it the perfect way and their way is the only way to go" say. Every baby is different, so once she's here you will really be able to figure out what you need.

    We loved: Fisher Price Rock n' Play sleeper, Dr. Brown's bottles, Boppy pillow, Halo sleep sacks w/ velcro, Baby Einstein musical toys, white plain cloth diapers from Gerber for spits and spills, Angelcare Montior (reassuring), a pack and play, a comfy rocker to nurse and rock the baby to sleep, the FP Rainforest sound/light machine for the crib, and we loved our Maxi Cosi infant car seat!


  20. Your bump is super cute! :)

  21. I don't know where you stand on the crib vs. bassinet issue, but for baby #2 we got a co-sleeper. It was a LIFE CHANGER! For baby #1 we had a bassinet, and the co-sleeper was way better. She slept better and I slept better. I could roll over, pick her up, feed her and we could both go back to sleep with out a huge fuss. Both babies were in our room for the first few months and both transitioned very easily to their cribs.

  22. My son is going to be 7 months old tomorrow. We got the Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel System in Graphica. While I love the neutral black and grey of it (in case Hudson gets a little sister in the future), the carseat is super heavy to carry with him in it. My sister has twins that are 11 weeks younger than him. She has 2 Graco Snugride's (the 22lb weight limit), and they are so much lighter. The Graco Snugride 30's weigh the same as the 22's. My suggestion would be to carry the infant carseats you are interested in around the store. Don't choose a heavy one. Your back will thank you! If you are a two car family, definitely register for a second carseat base. We love our Nap Nanny, and still use it in the mornings. It's between us in our king size bed. After his morning bottle, he will lay in it and fall back asleep. I have the Fisher Price My Little Lamb bassinet (not sure if you can still buy it), and it is bigger than others. Hudson still sleeps in it next to my bed at night. We also have a Fisher Price Rock and Play, which he loved when he was smaller. We registered for and received the Fisher Price My Little Snuggabunny Swing and Bouncer. The swing is AMAZING!!! He loves it, and actually still uses it. He learned to take 3 hour afternoon naps by swinging and napping in it when he was small. We used the Swaddle Me blankets from the beginning, and he always slept 3-4 hours stretchs at night from the beggining. He began sleeping through the night the day before he turned 7 weeks. We have the Aden and Anais blankets. too. I love them because they are light weight and large. The Swaddle Me blankets are much easier to use (due to the velcro) during middle of the night diaper changes. Speaking of middle of the night diaper changes. . .only get sleepers with zippers (NO SNAPS) or gowns for her to sleep in. You will thank me! My husband thought the gowns were terrible for a boy. . .he decided they were great! I bought the plain white prefold Gerber cloth diapers from Walmart (they are thinner than the ones Target carries) and sewed cute printed flannel to one side of them, and they are the best burp cloths ever! Don't waste your time or money on the small ones. Cloth diapers are the best! I prefer Pampers over any other brand diaper. They seem to fit him better. We use lots and lots of bibs! We have the Baby Jogger Summit XC, and it is a much smoother ride for him than the Chicco stroller. You said you already purchased a BOB. I would buy a carseat adapter for your infant seat. I wish I would have just gotten the jogger and then a lightweight stroller like the Combi Cabria for trips to the mall. When picking out a diaper bag, I would go for a super lightweight messenger. . .Babies R Us has a black Columbia one. I have a Coach diaper bag. It's heavy by itself, and then when it's loaded it's worse. Messenger bags are so easy to throw over your shoulder while trying to carry an infant seat. Dreft stain remover spray works great!!! Better than Shout. The Nuk sippy cups with the handles and soft spout work best for him now that he is learning to use a cup. I make all of my own baby food with the Baby Brezza. It steams and purees the food all in one. Then, I put it in silicone ice cube trays and freeze until solid. Once it's completely frozen, I pop the cubes into freezer bags and label with the ingredient and date. So easy and so fun to make different combinations for your baby. We run a cool mist vaporizer and white noise machine every night. My son loves the AngelDear brand lovies. They have lots of cute ones, and they are super soft! I love Baby Magic baby wash and lotion, but the Johnson and Johnson moisture wash is great for them when they are new and peeling. It smells pretty yummy, too! Paladin diaper rash cream (sold in the pharmacy at Walmart. . .no prescription needed, just have to ask for it) is good stuff. Hudson is just really starting to like Sophie the Giraffe. Target has O-Balls with rattles in them. They are his favorite!

  23. A play gym for the floor!!! Ours plays music and moves the two cross bars. He really enjoyed it before he was rolling all over the place. We didn't register for an exersaucer, but decided to buy one for him when he was 4 months. We got the Baby Einstein one from Babies R Us, and he loves it! We registered for and received a Graco doorway jumper. It takes up much less space then the ones that sit on the floor. He really gets into jumping now. I recommend a mirror for while she is rear facing in the car. It's nice to be able to see their little faces while you are driving. Don't waste your money on shoes. They just kick them off. Hudson hated the bumbo. He tried to buck out of it when we would put him in it. Some people use them for feeding, but he did much better when we put him in the highchair. We used the Boppy for feeding and then to help him sit up before he could keep his balance very well. If you buy diapers in advance, tape your receipt to the boxes. That way you can return them if she outgrows them before you are able to use them. My son was 6lbs 8oz, and we went through 4 large boxes of size newborn and a small package before moving to size 1. He weighed 8lbs 2 oz at his one month check and then 11 lbs 11 oz at 2 months. We seem to be using size 3 more than newborn, 1, or 2. Get hooded towels and lots of extra wash cloths. Register for 3+ crib sheets. We have 3 changing pad covers, and there have been days where we have had to use all 3. My son loves his paci, so we make sure to always have an extra in the diaper bag. Now that he is sitting up, I have a plush shopping cart/high chair cover for him. . .he doesn't have to touch the dirty cart or germy highchair when we are out. Once he starts picking up food to eat, we will get out tiny diner out. We use the Avent bottles, and I can honestly say I am not impressed with them. They leak around the ring. My friend used the Tommy Tippe bottles, but her son figured out that he could shove his thumb along the nipple and knock it down to dump out his bottle. If I had to do it over, I would just use the Gerber First Essentials. They don't have very many parts to clean. We use our microwave bottle sterilizer a lot. We got a bottle warmer and wipes warmer, but neither have been taken out of the box. For you: Dermoplast spray (but not the red cap one. . .look for blue. . .the red is antibacterial and contains alcohol. . .it will burn) if you deliver naturally. Also, buy a nice big container of tuck pads. Stock up on some nice big pads for when you get home. You don't need to pack any of those things, as the hospital should provide them. Hopefully, they will have the wonderful ice pack pads for the first day for you. If not, they can make them out of a diaper. They are SO soothing. I am sure this probably is hard to follow, as I feel I am rambling. I just thought I would let you know the things that we really enjoy. If I think of anything else, I will leave another comment. Enjoy registering, and enjoy every second of your pregnancy. You will miss it when it's over. Being a mommy is the best gift you could ever be given. Everyone tries to describe the love you will have for your baby, but you can never understand it until it really happens. It is amazing. There are not words to describe what it will do to your heart. You will forever be changed for the better! Life will be so much more fun.

  24. Some of our favorite things! http://theculinarycouple.com/2011/12/02/friday-favorites-newborns/ and http://theculinarycouple.com/2012/01/20/friday-favorites-0-3-months/ and http://theculinarycouple.com/2012/04/13/friday-favorites-3-6-months/

  25. Hey girl...Woohoo to you, still a furbaby mom, but a well versed aunt!(I got this title when one of my many friends added a miracle baby this year to my aunt load) Dr. Browns bottles even if you decide to nurse. (all the accessories) Most of my nieces and nephews (6 real many many honorary) didn't use pacifers, but this new one did, his mom LOVED the paci clips (try different ones) car mirrors (so you can see her in the rear view since she will be facing backwards) We did a book shower for him at our school (as she had other showers with family and friends ...loved that I went to all of them) board books and regular ....Of course the tub for baby and towels and washcloths along with the lotions, and bath products you will be using (love baby magic) There you have some of my tips from a well versed aunt! Again Congrats so happy for you!

  26. I had that rib pain! Yowza! It was really bad, like tear-inducing bad! I was about 16-17 weeks when it happened. The midwife likely said it was a muscle cramp due to the relaxin produced my body during pregnancy. But there was no way to be sure. There are lots of weird pains associated with pregnancy. But I wanted you to know you weren't alone with that one!

    As for the registry - we love our muslin blankets (adas and anais make them at Target and they have them at BRU too - they have colorful ones from Bambinoland online.) You cannot have too many of these. We still use them!

    A good baby carrier (we love our Ergo and our Moby) are musts, IMO.

    I can't remember if you're planning to return to work or if you're planning to nurse, but a good pump if it's yes for both.

    I agree that the floor-mat gym was a lifesaver in the early months, and a bouncy-seat/exersaucer was our go-to around 5ish months thru 8ish.

    Target is carrying really awesome cloth diapers if that's something you're considering. The initial output for cloth can be pricey, so it's nice to get some of it on your registry.

    I agree with others that the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat is AMAZING. And well-rated for safety. We used a jogger stroller, though, so we didn't get the whole travel system.

    Let me know if you are curious about anything else. Registering for babies is hard!

  27. I outlined my top 3 baby products for the first 3 months here. I was very surprised at how little we have needed. Even now that our little one is 7 months we try not to have an excess of stuff in our home. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!