Sunday, June 24, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks! With a little help from Minnie Mouse...

How Far Along: 22 weeks

Size of Baby:  She's a papaya this week and finally weighing in right around 1 whole pound!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed myself earlier this week and I'm at +8.

Gender: Still a sweet girl

Movement: More and more each week. Some days she feels like a total ninja in there, but then other days are more sporadic.

Sleep: Not so great. I've had several nights where I've woken up around 3 or 4 and just tossed and turned for several hours. I'm not a fan of this.

Maternity Clothes: Still a mix. I'd say about 75% maternity, and 25% regular. The skirt I wore around Disney today is not maternity has an elastic waist band. Items like that are still working well.

Symptoms: Back pain (upper back and lower back), dizziness when I get out of bed in the morning, headaches...I'm definitely pregnant

Cravings: Fruit! I think the extreme heat this past week has made me extra thirsty and fresh fruit has sounded so good at every meal. 

What I miss: Nothing in particular this week.

Best Moment this week: Being in Disney!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting started on the nursery

And one more pic from today...
This one shows the belly a little better!


  1. What a cute picture of you and Minnie Mouse! Hope you're having a fun trip!

  2. Baby's first picture with Mini! Adorable! Have fun :)

  3. Okay, LOVE that picture!!!!!!!!!! :)