Thursday, June 21, 2012

by the numbers...

It's been awhile since I broke it down by the numbers...

6...the number of ten pound bags of ice I've brought into the home in the past week for J's cold therapy unit for his knee. I'm pretty tired of purchasing ice on a daily basis.

10...episodes of Girls that I watched last weekend. Yep, I watched them all. Still not quite sure if I liked it or just thought it was super strange.

2...number of new stores I visited in Charlotte this week, both of which I loved! (Paper Skyscraper and The Milky Way for those of you who are curious!)

125...days left in this pregnancy...that's a crazy number

4.5...hours I've spent this past week searching for fabric and other nursery items and ideas online. It's my new favorite past time.

2...number of Slurpees I've had from 7-11. They're just the perfect pick me up with this hot weather.

40...hours until I leave for Disney World!


  1. Oh you're going to have so much fun at Disney World! We went a few weeks ago and I went with my last pregnancy too (at almost 9 mos!) You can actually do a lot because so many rides are geared toward kids, so they're safe for you too!

    I have been DYING for a slurpee. Sounds ridiculous, but I can only find an icee. I want the ones with the bigger ice pieces that are more juicy. It's about to drive this pregnant lady crazy!

    I love Paper Skyscraper and Milky Way. Check out PS right after christmas...lots of fun stuff on sale. Milky way is a great resource. I love that they have cute boutique stuff and a few crunchy things too. It was the perfect store for me. (I use cloth diapers and had boobs that were too big for a normal nursing bra!) Do y'all live in Dilworth? I grew up in Elizabeth (my mom is still there), but our church is in Dilworth. Such a great neighborhood. You should try a burger place on South Blvd called Mr K's. It's a total dive, but yummy.

    Can you believe how quickly October 25th is approaching?!

  2. Disney World-so jealous. I was there in May to celebrate my college graduation. But it never feels long enough. I want to go back!

  3. We found out we are having a girl too, and I know planning the nursery will be my new favorite past time as well! Yay!

  4. Have fun at Disney!

    There is a convenience store around here that has the huge slushies for 88 cents. I've been getting more than my fair share of them.