Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Monday is BACK!

Finally....I am back with Menu Monday! It's been about 3 weeks since I did my link up, and I'm late getting this posted today, but it's up!  I hope some of you will still participate!

This is a big mix of the meals we've made since moving in two weeks ago. There have been a few others, but I've forgotten to take pictures on a few evenings. 

I made this the day after J's surgery as his first "real" meal after all the anesthesia was out of his system. I've made it many times before, and like always, it was delicious. This is one of my favorites by Pioneer Woman. I love that it's served cold. Perfect to eat outside on the deck on a hot summer night! ( cute is that new tray my mom got me?)

Grilled Chicken and Peppers and Onions

A few weeks ago when I had the intense back/upper abdomen pain and I thought it might be related to my gallbladder, I ate a very bland diet for about 48 hours. This meal is exactly what you see with a little salt and pepper. No marinades or oils. I haven't had any awful pain like I did on this night, but I have had some moderate pain. I still don't know if it's gallbladder related or just a growing and stretching baby. Either way, I felt like eating bland food with very little fat can never hurt.

It just never gets old!

Gnocchi with sauteed Peppers, Onions and Sausage

I basically sauteed the meat and veggies in some olive oil with salt and pepper, cooked my gnocchi, and then threw it in the pain for about 5 minutes so it would get a little brown. Nothing special. Just something easy on a night when I didn't want to run to the grocery store and we had no more "meals" planned.

J made this while my mom was in town last week and she seemed to love it as much as we do. This is the PERFECT summer sandwich, y'all!

Orecchiette Pasta with Brussels Sprouts in a Cream Sauce

J found this recipe in a recent copy of Taste of Home, but I can't find a way to link up to it....but honestly, it wasn't that great. I liked the sauce, but the combo with the brussels just wasn't my thing. it's your turn! I really hope you guys link up! I know it's been awhile, but I'd love to see what you've been cooking!


  1. I have GOT to make that beef noodle bowl. It's been on my "to make" list for ages, and it looks so yummy!!

  2. Oh that beef looks so good! ;) And bummer that the pasta with the brussel sprouts wasn't a winner, brussels are actually one of my favorite veggies! :)

  3. oh wow those gnocchi look amazing. gotta love pasta - so easy to whip out and it pretty much always turns out awesome!

  4. So many tasty meals!!! That gnocchi looks especially good to me.

  5. That steak sandwich looks amazing!