Friday, June 22, 2012

One Year in the Queen City

This weekend we're celebrating our one year anniversary in Charlotte. It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we moved here, but at the same time, Charlotte definitely feels like my home.

To celebrate one year in the queen city, 
here's a list of my top ten favorite things about Charlotte, in no particular order...

1. The food! I have to say that we definitely moved up restaurant wise when coming to Charlotte. I absolutely love so many of the restaurants here. Most have been introduced to us by friends, but we've discovered a few on our own. Some of our favorites include Soul Gastrolounge, Good Food on MontfordCowfish, Revolution Pizza, Mimosa Grill, Aria, Roosters...I could keep going and going! If you ever come to visit Charlotte, I promise that you will eat well!

2. The Greenways...J and I have taken the dogs to several different parks and greenways in the city over the past year, and we're always pleasantly surprised with how nice and well kept they are. I can't wait to take the baby out with us next spring!

3. My job. I was really lucky to find a job at a GREAT school last year. My friend Sarah who I grew up with was the counselor there, and she was absolutely right when she said I would love being a part of the staff. I worked with some of the nicest and most supportive people this year. I had a tough time leaving my last job, again, mostly because I loved the people I worked with. I couldn't have ended up in a better spot this past school year.

4. Cheerwine! I have always loved drinking Cheerwine when I'm in the south, but didn't have easy access to it in Virginia. Now I can get it whenever I please!

5. Hills...this one is a little weird, I know! But after living in the coastal plain of Virginia for the last four years, I have missed hills and terrain that wasn't completely flat. I grew up in an area with similar terrain to Charlotte, then went to college in the Shenandoah Valley where I was surrounded by hills and mountains. While the beach life was fun, it wasn't my favorite. I got tired of the the "flat."

6. The shopping is amazing here. This city has MUCH more variety in their stores than we had in Hampton Roads. I have so many stores near me now that required me to drive 2-3 hours to visit before. Examples? Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, Container Store, Whole Foods (SOON!), and my new favorite, Buy Buy Baby...there is so much more here!

7. Medical care. I feel like I can speak highly of all the medical professionals we've dealt with in Charlotte. From all the doctors I've seen dealing with my eye problems, to my OB and the staff at his office, and then most recently, all the doctors and physical therapists J has seen for his knee injury, I feel like we are in very good hands. I also love that it's all so close to us. 

8. REAL sports teams. We are by NO means serious fans of the Panthers or Bobcats (heck, we didn't make it to a single game), but it's fun living in a city that has teams to cheer for. We've never experienced that before. If only we had a professional baseball team. Then it would be the perfect city!

9.  The beer. This city is full of people, restaurants, shops, and bars that love craft and local beer. I have learned so much more about craft beer since moving here, and I have learned to love it more. The pregnancy has definitely put a stop to that, but I still have fun picking out beer for J when I visit some of our favorite beer shops.

10. The people...of course I have to mention all of the wonderful people who have become my new friends over the last year. There are so many great friends I've met in this city, many of whom I've met from the blog world. And every single one of them have been SO helpful to me as I learn to navigate my way through this new city. I am so thankful for them!

I read this article a few weeks ago and it did a great job summing up my thoughts on my new home. 

So, who wants to come visit now?


  1. I'm so happy you're so much closer now and I have loved getting to see you a few times this year. And I'm super happy that you're so happy in your new home!

  2. So happy to have you as a Charlottean!! And as a friend :) Here's to many more years and fun times in the Queen City!

  3. We do have a pretty amazing city to call home. Congrats on your first year ... there are so many other wonderful things to experience here, and you'll just keep falling in love!

    PS - been to Pops in the Park yet? There are only 3 left!

  4. I do! I do! ;)

    These is so awesome! It makes me want to live on your side of the states! I've always thought I'd be better suited over there!

    Happy Living!

  5. It sounds like it's been a great year!

  6. I'm in California, which is great, but I've always wanted to visit that area. And now I am curious about what this Cheerwine is..hhmmm...

  7. I live right outside Charlotte and love it for many of the reasons you mentioned. I'm glad you're so happy there!!

  8. We still need to make this Charlotte meet up happen! I've never been. And that beer bullet really makes me want to come! ;)

  9. I agree with all of this. Charlotte is by far the best city I have ever lived in. Have you eaten at Zada Janes yet? That is my favorite Charlotte restaurant - breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

    Happy 1 year in CLT!