Thursday, June 14, 2012

Staying Busy!

We are in week one of summer now that school is out, and while life is very busy, it's great! I apologize to anyone who wanted to link up to Menu Monday this past week. You probably noticed I didn't have my post up. My mom was here visiting, and I just didn't get the time to sit down and put together my post. We'll be back on track next week!

Speaking of my mom, she was here Sunday through yesterday morning. She came down to see the new house and to help me pack up my classroom. I couldn't have done that by myself. She was SUCH a big help and I'm so glad she came! She took this picture of my with her phone on Monday. This was about half way through the day. We got everything packed up, cleaned, and finished by the end of the day on Monday.


On Sunday afternoon, we went with a friend of my mom to check out some puppies.  Her friend also lives in Richmond, but came down on Sunday to check out this litter of Aussie Doodles (Australian Shepherds and Poodles). They were PRECIOUS!

This is me holding one of the bigger puppies. The little guy sitting on my knee was the breeders family dog, I guess he wanted in on the photo fun!

Seriously...look at that cute face!

This is my mom's friend with the puppy she picked out. She's only 4 weeks old now. They get to come back and get her in a month. I couldn't believe how little she was!

When my mom and I got home, my dogs went bananas
They could smell the puppies on us, and they were quite jealous!

My mom also took this picture of J and I in front of the new house. 
We're loving it here as we slowly unpack.

And Monday my mom and I went shopping. I have been really good (ie...trying not to spend all my money) and haven't bought this baby girl any clothes. It's been hard, but I'm trying! I saw this adorable swim cap on sale at Janie and Jack and I just couldn't resist. I knew it was a necessity for the pool next summer!


This afternoon I'm meeting up with Ashley and Michelle for a lunch date (have I mentioned how much I love all the blog friends who have become my real friends in Charlotte?), and then tomorrow J goes in to have his knee surgery to repair his ACL. We like to stay busy around here!


  1. Can you steal one of those puppies for me? I'm dying for a puppy over here - Trevor is tearing me away from Petfinder every chance he gets!

    You are looking great, and so is that house! Enjoy this first week of your big break... (can you steal one of those for me, too?)

  2. You're house looks beautiful! I was pregnant when we were moving into our house before, that can be a lot of work. Good luck!

  3. So nice of your mom to go down and help you! Something about mothers always make work go by much quicker and much faster. You look fabulous with your baby bump! Good luck to J and his surgery. I've had 3 ACL tears and the biggest advice I can give him is to listen to the doctor!! That's why I had 3 :)

  4. You WILL NOT regret the baby swim cap... I don't think there's anything cuter in the world!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. The puppies. The swim cap. The house!! I need to come visit!

    Praying J's surgery goes well and recovery is as easy as possible.

  6. You've definitely got a busy summer ahead of you! Between the new house, prepping for the baby, and J's surgery you've got your hands full!

    Keeping you in my thoughts this morning during J's surgery, hoping for a quick recovery!

  7. That swim cap is totally worth breaking in and buying. so cute!

  8. You look so cute! I love your house and that swim cap- too cute! :)
    Are you still teaching next year or are you just packing it up for the year? Sounds like a great start to a busy and fun summer!

  9. Your house looks great!

  10. New follower - woohoo!

    Your house is absolutely darling! My husband and I actually "favorited" a house that looks JUST like that in South Park about 4 months ago and it was quickly swept off the market.

    YAY for getting settled in!