Sunday, July 8, 2012

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks...the age of viability! 

Size of Baby:  A cantalope! She's about a pound and half and almost a foot long!

Total Weight Gain: Around 11 pounds

Gender: Girl

Movement: Lots....I haven't been able to identify what's kicking/punching me, though. I want to know what's a foot and what's a head or an elbow.

Sleep: I haven't had any nights where I've been wide awake for hours on end, but I am so sore in the mornings. Now matter how many pillows I use, I just don't find a comfortable way to sleep.

Maternity Clothes: Still a combination. Fewer and fewer of my non-maternity shirts are working these days. I saw this blog post this morning thanks to pinterest and it's full of cute ways to style the belly. Sadly, not many apply to summer. Right now, I am just trying to stay cool.

Symptoms: Lots of the same from previous weeks. This week I had a day or two where my hips started to hurt. Not sure if this is related to how I'm sleeping or not. Also...this one isn't new, but I don't think I've mentioned it before, acne! My face and chest look awful. My skin hasn't looked this bad in years.

Cravings: More fruit. And nutella. And fruit with nutella. 

What I miss: It hasn't been mentioned in awhile. so I feel I should throw in how much I'd love to enjoy a cold beer on the deck with my husband. 

Best Moment this week: Great doctor's appointment on Monday, He answered so many questions I had (weird back and rib pains, tingly feeling below my bra), and he said that everything is measuring just as it should be. And of course, I got to hear the heartbeat. That's always a highlight. OH! friend Faith found that she's expecting TWO baby girls not too long after my due date!! I am thrilled for her and her husband...and I can't wait for playdates with our girls!

What I'm looking forward to: For the temperature to drop this week. It will make my morning walks with Rosie/Layla much easier.


  1. you look wonderful rachel! I'm so glad everything is going well and so excited for you guys and your baby girl!

  2. Cute, cute bump! If I remember correctly the relaxin hormone really kicks in at about 14 weeks and starts helping your joints (e.g. pelvis) relax and prepare for delivery. This can cause some pain. Maybe try stretching your hips or sleep with a pillow between your legs? Also, if your prenatal vitamin has DHA that can help. Even if they continue to hurt, at least you know there is a reason!

  3. You seriously are the cutest! And girl, I feel you with the acne issues - my skin has been a wreck so far this pregnancy. It makes me feel so self-conscious!

    I enjoyed our lunch last week and I'm excited about fabric shopping tomorrow. Yippee!!

  4. You little bump is growing! :) You look great! Is it getting more and more real??