Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Randoms...

Thank you for all your sweet comments on yesterday's anniversary post. I have the nicest readers and friends on this blog!

1. We bought a Keurig last weekend! I am not a big coffee drinker, mostly because coffee makes me feel pretty ill in the morning. I think it's the acid on an empty stomach? J is a coffee drinker and we both liked the idea of a Keurig because it was smaller than the big pot we had on our counter, and this way if i wanted an afternoon cup of coffee (when my stomach can usually handle it) it would be an easy way to make it. So...this past Saturday we purchased one with some Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards that we STILL had from our wedding. Yes, the wedding that took place four years ago.

Here's what I got to try out. I'm loving both!

2. Baby nursery plans are slowly coming along....fabric has been picked and now we're onto paint colors. They look like a funky mix in this picture (think more grey paint, not blue), but I think it'll be a great combo. I might share a few more of my ideas on here in the next week or so!

3. I haven't shared this on here yet, but we do plan to cloth diaper our little one. Thanks to a lot of advice and help from a few of my friends (along with some great bloggers like Kate and Brittany and even YHL who I love to blog stalk), I've decided that we would like to join the world of cloth diapering. There are a lot of reasons that I think it will be "right" for our family (keyword being our, I have nothing against disposables and plan to use them her first few months!), but mostly, I like that it will help us save money. I went to a cloth diapering class last week at The Milky Way in Charlotte (very neat baby store in Dilworth for any locals, btw), and after seeing all the different options out there, I was able to sort of figure out what kind of system might be best for our family. Kate helped connect me with a friend of hers in Texas who was selling some of her old diapers, and I was able to buy a bunch of used diapers from her friend. They came in the mail this week and I am so excited to have a baby to put in these cute things! And then my friend Molly is selling me some AIO's that she is no longer using. I love the blogging world. 

4. I cannot wait for my showers! I have some of the best gals planning them (both of my showers!) and I am so excited to see so many friends and family members who are planning to come celebrate with us. I feel pretty lucky.

5. Last weekend we went to my favorite consignment/antique mall in Charlotte (The Sleepy Poet) to look for a small table or dresser to put in our foyer. We struck out there and found nothing we liked in our price range, but we did find a great basket for our guest bathroom. 

I had seen these on the Garnett Hill site for $88. 

Loved the idea of putting one in my bathroom filled with towels and lotions for our guests, but there was no way I could spend $88 on a basket. So when I saw this basket at The Sleepy Poet, that was labeled as an old gym locker basket, I knew it would do just the trick for a fraction of the cost. Ours was only $22.

Pretty cute, right? I love it!


  1. It's so fun to see that you're picking out paint colors for the nursery! I love gray walls for a nursery, and can't wait to see more about what you're planning to do!

  2. I want a Keurig!! I'm so jealous! And I love the basket! So, so cute!

  3. Can't wait to see more of the nursery! Planning ours is my new hobby!

    We are also planning on doing cloth diapers. YHL is what sold me on it, I think we will do the AIO's too! Aren't they just adorable?

  4. I love the Chai Latte k-cups, too!

  5. YAY! We're not going to do cloth diapers. Just too much with me going back to work.
    I'm heading out to Mary Jo's tomorrow to pick out fabrics then we'll look at paints. Hoping I can find some cute stuff!!

  6. Yay for cloth diapers! We hope to do them [someday] when we have kids. Isn't the blogging world the best?!

    I LOVE the Chai for Keurig!

  7. (a) Coconut mocha is THE BEST!! Naturals' Apple Cider is awesome too!

    (b) CLOTH FOR THE WIN!!!!

  8. The guest bath basket is too cute! Great idea! Love the nursery colors!

  9. My Keurig is probably my favorite appliance. I drink about a cup of decaf a day. I love that I can drink it any time of the day too. No need to make a whole pot for just me!

  10. Oh yes! I cloth my son who is 5.5 months. But I did do it right from the beginning (had to buy a newborn set at he was a mini boy at just over 6lbs) it's the best thing! No poo blow outs, no rashes from horrible chemicals. And they are just adorable.

    Good luck finding and getting addicted to buying cloth diapers!! I own WAY to many now but I can't help myself.

  11. I use my Keurig now mostly for making hot water. I drink tons of tea, so it's really convenient for that.

    When we have little ones I definitely want to cloth diaper. You'll have to be sure to share your experiences.