Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Haircutting, Sanding, Baseball, and Berries...

This past weekend felt like a long one since J worked from home on Friday. His parents came to town late Thursday evening, and spent all day Friday with us. We got to give them a tour of Charlotte, mostly from the car! It was too hot to walk around, plus my poor husband can't walk so well these days, so a walking tour was out for us. We took them to lunch at Nolen Kitchen, one of our favorite places these days.  I should also point out that I made a fabulous fruit salad for our breakfasts while they were here. Like I said in my last pregnancy update, I can't get enough fruit this week! I've been eating the leftovers with vanilla ice cream, it's the perfect evening snack.

On Saturday, after my in laws headed back to Virginia, we ran some errands. Part of the errand running included a trip to Target to buy some hair clippers so I could cut J's hair. For months now, he's been trying to convince me to cut his hair for him. I, on the other hand, have been way too afraid that I would totally mess his hair up. Also, he's pretty particular about haircuts. I finally agreed, so this weekend was the weekend. After our errand running, it was time for me to get started. I took some before and after photos, but someone made me swear not to share them. In the end, I think I did a pretty good job. And we'll save a about $20 a month now. I'll call that a win.

On Saturday night, we headed to watch our minor league baseball team play the minor league team from our last city. It was hot and muggy, but fun. And the game ended in fireworks!

(you can see J's lovely haircut in this pic!)

I failed to mention above, that my in laws brought us some old furniture for us to use in the baby's room. I got to work on refinishing it Sunday. This was my first experience with a sander, but I think I did a good job...once I'm done with the project I'll post more pictures of the before, after, and the steps I followed.

AND....our crib finally arrived this weekend!
Of course, it's still sitting in a box by the front door, but it's here!

Our little girl's room is slowly starting to come together!


  1. We have that same crib for Caroline! Love it!! Such a classic design.

  2. Those berries look delicious..and sound really good with ice cream. That's one of my favorite summer snacks.

    I'm excited to see your furniture re-finishing!

  3. It looks like you did a great job on his hair. I have been cutting my husband's hair since we got married and on my goodness, I was freaking out the first time I did it. (He is very trusting and not judgmental thankfully). Sometimes I do a great job, other times...well it is a good thing he wears a helmet at work.

  4. I need to 1)purchase and 2) learn to use a one of those sanding things to repaint our front door. I am terrified! Good to know you were able to tackle it!

  5. You'll have to do a post on the furniture once it's all completed!